Crunchyroll Brings Anime to the Big Screen!

On Tuesday, Crunchyroll announced its partnership with Screenvision Media! Who is Screenvision Media? They are a national cinema advertising leader, and with KAOS Connect, renowned event cinema creators they want to bring something we know anime fans will love: Anime Movie Night!

Anime Movie Night begins in April and will feature either back to back episodes of a series or full length films for fans to enjoy on the big screen.

“As demand for anime continues to grow in the U.S. and around the world, it’s a thrill to have the opportunity to bring the latest hits, as well as the anime that fans know and love, into theaters – often for the very first time. We want to create new ways for fans to come together and share the experience of the content they love, and cinema is the perfect medium,” said Kun Gao, General Manager of Crunchyroll. “Screenvision Media and KAOS Connect have been the perfect partners for the debut of ‘Anime Movie Night’ based on their respective strongholds in the impactful arena of cinema.” –Via

I personally can not wait for Anime Movie Night to get rolling! I can not even fathom what it would be like to watch anime on the big screen. They even mention on the website about going beyond just the shows by having industry interviews, behind the scene interviews, and even Crunchyroll originals!

This is such a great idea!  If you would like more information on Anime Movie Night, be sure to check out their website and even sign up for their newsletter!

What anime would you want to see on the big screen? Leave a comment down below!

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    Hit up the KissAnime subreddit, they have stickies on how to skip that BS
    It isn’t even a ban in the usual sense. I got “”banned”” once, applied the tweaks, immediately “”unbanned””

    March 6, 2019
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    Gaze Anime is a website for watching English dubbed anime for free and without registration. This site also offers merchandise through its online store and recommends

    March 17, 2019
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    CrunchyRoll is currently the ruler of legally streaming anime. You can watch videos without an account, or create a free account to keep track of what you’ve seen and add new shows to your queue. CrunchyRoll offers paid membership plans other than the basic free option.

    June 19, 2019
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