DeAngelo Joins the Cast of Fallout TTRPG Series: Vault 42!

Do you love Fallout? Do you love Table Top Role Playing Games? Do you enjoy watching a group of friends have fun?

Then you are in luck because TTRPG Network Fabled 42 has a series by the name of Vault 42 based on the Fallout game franchise! Vault 42 takes place in the Texas commonwealth where a group of wastelanders travels the state trying to help their community by partaking in courier missions. That is until the dreaded wasteland filled of raiders, radiation, and other deadly obstacles cause them to dive headfirst into danger!


(5e based set in the world of Fallout from Spilled Ale Studios)

The year is 2177. It has been 100 years since the Great War. Unimaginable, how two short hours could change the face of our planet forever. Change us, forever. People who survived in the Texas Commonwealth have finally grown acclimated to this new way of life. Long forgotten powerful factions are emerging from underground and new ones are gaining traction every day. Can this diverse group of strangers survive not only the wasteland but the wars around them?

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Game Master/Overseer – April Hill

April has always had a passion for creative writing and performing as well as video and table top gaming. This along with her natural competitiveness lead her into the world of voice acting, art, and business management. When she found herself in her first Dungeons and Dragons game it felt like Christmas! She has been obsessed with the RPG ever since and enjoys creating unique characters, monsters, items, and worlds.

7ipper – Synth Artificer – Alicia Marie

“CI-borg” Alicia Marie is a deaf* author and fitness pro who turned her obsession with super-physiques, comic books, video game and anime art into a creative career. Known for her fixation on classic Mortal Kombat and superhero strength, Alicia, a self-professed “compulsive maker,” creates costumes and styled character looks for a number of media companies like Warner Brothers, Gearbox, Blizzard and for celebrities like WWE superstar Ronda Rousey. Focusing on competitive fitness paid off as Alicia became the physical inspiration for some of the female fighting characters you see in popular video games. In May, she was introduced as a playable character in Sony Interactive’s new Predator game PREDATOR: Hunting Grounds. When she isn’t working on a new cos-look or speaking on accessibility awareness, you can find Alicia at the gym or casting spells in a number of Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

*Alicia has cochlear implants that allow her to process sound – to “hear” – this is how she participates in live productions

Ash – Super Mutant Barbarian – Utahime

Utahime is an actress, model and dancer that discovered her passion for cosplay while attending her first convention, Anime Expo. She enjoys attending various comic book and anime conventions across the country and has been a featured guest, hosted panels and judged cosplay competitions. Utahime’s cosplays have been featured in media outlets such as Cosplay Alliance magazine, the L.A.Times, Popsugar, Supernews Live, Voyage LA magazine and Cosplay Culture. Utahime hopes to inspire others with her message that anyone can cosplay regardless of their ethnicity, gender or background. She became passionate about playing Dungeons and Dragons after learning to play from her close friends. Utahime loves being able to bring her characters to life through character creation and role playing. She is very excited to become a new member of the Fabled 42 family and is looking forward to more fun adventures with the Fabled community. You can find Utahime in her free time streaming her favorite video games, watching anime, or listening to her favorite kpop artists.

Marcus – Wastelander Fighter – Justin

Justin grew up playing board games with friends and family, with weekly game nights. Came into the ‘RPG’ post college, playing first RPG’s with Titans Grave and Dresden Files RPG before finally taking the dive into DnD, and absolutely loved it. Began to DM some and fell in love with the creative aspect of that as well. While not rolling dice likes to spend his time traveling as much as possible or time out on his boat.

Cle – Wastelander Fighter –  Causal Campbell

Jordan is a Bay Area Actor, Stand-up Comedian, Improviser, and overall Entertainer who has a knack for storytelling. Since he was a little kid, Jordan has been writing and telling stories about the things that he imagines or retelling the hilarious adventures of his life while on stage. Once upon a time he was brought to a D&D session out of curiosity finding a passion for making characters and truly living in the world created and has never looked back since.

Starting 2/27/21 DeAngelo Murillo(That is me!) will join the cast as Patricio “Pawn” Ortiz a Wastelander barbarian who travels the wasteland looking for redemption after a life of crime and brutality!

I am so excited to be a part of this series that airs every Saturday night on at 6:30 PM PST! Be sure to check it out live and follow Fabled 42 for more updates!



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Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: | |

Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: | |

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