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Top games based on myth & love of the ancient civilizations 

Ancient Egypt has been inspiring slot game providers since the invention of slot machines, thus among most popular slot games, Egyptian-themed ones are taking a significantly high place. Aside from Cleopatra, pyramids, and mystical symbols, other antique stories are an inspiration for casino games. There are exciting Mayan games, and casino slots with the Greek theme, describing the adventures of many gods that ruled over the most important European cultures in history – legendary Sparta and Athens.

Background of the story

It doesn’t surprise that the contemporary culture creators find inspiration in Greek mythology since it has so much to offer! Starting with the stories about gods who share human properties – being sinful, drunk, and playful – through heroes and legends such as Hercules who rebelled against the higher authority for love or power, these fantasy stories are dynamical, exciting, and relatable. Many games were also inspired by the real-life events featuring history’s most clever leaders such as Alexander the Great, or brutal and cruel Attila the Scourge of God, who imposed fear into the enemies bones.

Mythology impact on cinema and games

Mythology has had a strong impact on the development of fantasy literature, comic books, and graphic novels, which then inspired the cinematic and gaming industry. Thus, Odin, the almighty God from the Nordic mythology, alongside Thor and Loki, found a place in the classic Marvel’s The Avengers, then the bestselling book American Gods, and a popular TV show that followed-up. Greek mythology was the ground base for making the popular game City of Gods, while the theme of powerful Titans even appeared in the magical show Charmed, that revolutionized Hollywood. Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, is one of the opponents of Aquaman, a member of the Justice League in the DC Extended Universe, where he kept the same personality and origin stories from the original myths.

BoardGameGeek: a variety of Ancient themed games

The uprising of the modern nerd culture resulted in the outbreak of fandom websites, forums, role-playing games, and board games. BoardGameGeek describes the ancient world as a part of the Old World – from the beginning of the Egyptian dynasty till the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Ancient Wonders is in BoardGameGeek shortlist on the top 10 of all games covering old Egypt, Greece, and Rome, exploring wars, adventures, and treasure hunts of these civilizations. Board games can be played either as FRP online or live with the actual board and figures. And just as there is a difference between gambling and online gaming, there is a much wider selection of online board games and you can play with people from all over the world.

Greek mythology themed slots

Antique slot machines are always popular among online gamblers since they feature the best gods and goddesses, heroes (and semi-gods), legends, and the creation stories full of magic and fantasy. On our favourites list of casino slots game with a greek theme, we have to highlight the powerful Athena slot, an inspiration to strong women worldwide, adrenaline Arena of Gold Slot, alongside the vicious Attila Slot for bold and high-roll players. If you prefer to play with the ultimate gods, there is always Zeus Lightning Power Reels Slot, with colourful and mighty symbols on the reels.

Best casinos to play to feel Greek vibes

The best online casinos for Greek-themed slots will definitely have the Zeus free slot game, where you can level-up your skills and learn how to win Zeus slot machine. Check out online casino reviews before signing up to play, and discover the diversity of providers available, as well as the RTP scores of the games that casino has to offer. Try out the best mystical slot games and good luck winning against the old gods and kings!

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