Essential Apps for Every Type of Geek, From Gamers to Daters

Ever since phones developed the ability to do more than make a simple phone call, mobile applications were an inevitable notion just waiting to be put into action. Early PDAs provided a great foundation to higher functionality by allowing users to their check e-mail account, set appointments, surf the internet, send instant texts, and much more. Starting off with a simple 8-bit game on a small screen, 1997 brought us Snake, the mobile game that took the world by storm and was essentially society’s first delve into mobile apps. Come 2008, the world saw an evolution in phone apps like no other with the release of Apple’s App Store and its first 500 applications. It comes as no surprise that geeks like us would jump to the opportunity to dig deep and dabble with applications of all sorts, from video games to dating apps and much, much more. As of today, almost a whopping 4.8 million apps are available online, just a download away. 

With the click of a button, one can request a driver to take them just about anywhere, order a pizza right to their front step, or reserve tickets to the theatre from the comfort of their couch. Phone apps come in handy in every possible way, and have certainly made their mark on the modern-day mobile phone user. Even dating has taken a step into the digital world: apps can now connect people from every corner of the globe with a few simple clicks. Need to get somewhere fast? Uber helps users skip the hassle of standing on a street corner and waiting for a taxi to show up by connecting them to drivers in the area almost instantly. 

It seems that for every possible situation, an app is there to save the day. With the Apple App Store and Google Play boasting a combined 4 million apps, every user’s options are unlimited when it comes to variety, convenience and entertainment. Guaranteeing an application for every type of geek in you, whether you’re the cooking, gaming, or dating type, we’ve set up a guide to the essential mobile apps every geek should know about. 

For The Gaming Geek 


Video games made their way onto mobile phones with the release of Snake, a classic masterpiece that provided hours of endless fun in simple 8-bit graphics. Since its release, countless games have become available to newer and more advanced phones with enhanced graphics and gameplay. Users now have access to games of all genres, from sports and action games to adventurous RPGs and even online gaming. A prime example of this would be the increasingly played Fornite, a re-imagination of The Hunger Games and Battle Royale available on Mac and PC. The original game is so popular that a mobile version is set to be released on iOS and Android. This is perhaps one of the most anticipated mobile games in years, and there is currently an invite system set up on the website for players to sign up to enjoy the game before its official release. 

Fornite starts off by letting users design their character; outfits, weapons and countless cosmetic attachments set each player apart and preserve a sense of uniqueness right off the bat. Once that’s done, a maximum of 100 players are dropped from a flying “party bus” onto an incredibly detailed gameplay map for a battle of the ages. Players can choose to jump off at any desired location and land in an ideal spot to prepare themselves for survival. Once on land, they can begin scavanging for weapons, ammunition and building materials to ensure a win in each player-to-player battle. What separates Fortnite from other free-for-all shoot ’em ups is the unique ability to harvest wood, metal and other materials to craft walls, stairs, barriers and more, instantly giving the better-versed player a leading hand in the crazy gun fights breaking out throughout the  map. Players must choose wisely between remaining hidden and waiting for enemies to destroy themselves before emerging at the right moment, or diving head-first into battle and cutting down those numbers themselves. Another great feature that lives up to the title of the game is the ability to group up with a squad of your own and build your own forts, designing each one uniquely with traps, strong materials and tactical advantages over the enemy. Often compared to its immensely praised and played predecessor, PUBG, or PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds, Fortnite adds a more cartoonish and aesthetic edge with incredibly vivid colors. 

Hits like Injustice 2 have also found their way to iPhones and Androids. As a multiplayer fighting game, Injustice 2 puts players in the shoes (and capes) of DC’s most infamous and beloved superheroes and villains to duke it out in one-versus-one battles of epic proportion. Players can step out of the shadows as Batman and fight their way through Gotham City to stop the Joker, or put on the red cape everyone knows so well and soar through the sky as Superman. Players can also explore the multiverse, fighting crazy and alternative versions of the iconic characters with increasingly difficult challenges to earn unique rewards designed to enhance abilities and provide an edge in battle to continue “climbing the ladder”. Whatever your forte, there’s a game out there for you. 

For The Dating Geek 


Love is in the air for every geek out there with a phone in hand and ready to mingle. Dating has taken a step further by joining the online world and allowing users to set up dates, chat each other up, and much more to find the perfect match. With the quick rise of phone applications, it was just a matter of time before the online world would revolutionize everything, dating included. Apps like Badoo have become famous for their quick and convenient use, making it easier for anyone to meet new people and set up dates at the click of a button. Unlike the original, primitive chatting apps like AOL or MSN messenger and boasting millions of users, Badoo’s quirky platform has users set up every detail of their dating profile. All users have to do is sign up and begin answering questions designed to narrow down the perfect match according to their favorite activities, interests, hobbies and more. Once the profile has been set up, the fun begins. Users can explore other profiles by simply swiping left or right, depending on whether they feel like there’s a good match or not. See someone you think you can kick it off with? Swipe right! Personality and hobbies too different, or just not for you? Swipe left. 

Dating has become a much more online thing these days, and with online dating set to overtake meeting in bars as the most common way to find a partner, it shows no sign of slowing down. Society is constantly innovating, and who would we be to deny love a chance to go digital?  

For The Cooking Geek 


For those of us that have a knack for staring into the fridge every five minutes and wishing something delicious would magically show up, mobile apps swoop in once again to save the day. Applications like Yummly have made cooking incredibly easy by analyzing the ingredients available in your kitchen and setting up a list of recipes designed around what you already have. Yummly also recommends dishes and recipes tailored to each user’s personal taste, offering up easy-to-make dishes from across countless cuisines from all over the world. 

Incredibly easy to use, simply open the app and input any ingredients you have lying around, then allow the app to set up a list of recipes that are simple and ready to go. One useful feature is Yummly’s ability to adapt to the recipes chosen in the past to prepare lists and new recipes customized to each user’s taste. This way their favorites are always lined up quickly for access whenever a craving creeps up. It’s safe to say that no geek will ever go hungry again with an app designed to keep you creative and well-fed with a seemingly unlimited number of recipes. 

No longer will long bus rides be boring with Netflix or entertaining games on the phone. Gone are the days of awkward social interactions, and say goodbye to the lagging gaze of a fridge full of uneaten food. As it seems, nothing is out of reach anymore with apps designed to provide you with just about everything right on your phone. 


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