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Every D&D Fan Needs to Watch 1 For All by Deerstalker Pictures

Long ago Dungeons & Dragons had once been frowned upon by society, played in secret, and often associated with Satanism since it began in 1974. However, a lot has changed in that time seeing as it is 2020, and loads of content creators from Youtube stars to A-List celebrities can be found playing the beloved tabletop role-playing game. Because of this surge of content you can find the most entertaining videos and podcasts to make your day that much more enjoyable until your next session.

That is why I wanted to introduce you to a new D&D series from Deerstalker Pictures called 1 For All that rolled a natural 20 in our hearts!



“Three adventurers meet in a dark tavern to see a man about a dangerous quest. What do you do?” Meet the characters joining Pat’s new campaign. What could possibly go wrong? D&D was a mistake.”

The series features the misadventures of three players as they try hard to overcome the relatively easy challenges set by their Dungeon Master. the series is light-hearted, funny, and is incredibly well made. The costumes are on point, the acting is great, and the episodes are long enough to provide a good deal of content while not being overbearing.



Written & Directed by Elliot Ryan – @technotropism Director of Photography: Goldie Soetianto – @vysanthe Produced by Goldie Soetianto & Elliot Ryan Dungeon Master / Pat Percer: Kendall Drury – @kendallsdumb Nixie / Nicole: Fall Cosplay – @fallcosplay Antrius “the Great” / Antonio: Forgeling – @forgeling Evandra / Eva: Eva Devore – @eva_devoreCat Percer: Lumi – @little.lumi.cat

1 For All currently has six episodes, each of them hilarious and charming! Every D&D player will be able to totally relate to the characters mishaps from murdering helpless NPCs to seducing enemies in an attempt to survive.



Be sure to also check out their Patreon for more content including updates, on set tours hosted by the cast, Early access to Bloopers, and even have your name be put on the credits depending on how much you’d like to spend! You’ll want to subscribe to their channel for more awesome content since they frequently post updates and most recently advised that they are back to filming!

Deerstalker Pictures has really knocked it out of the park with 1 For All and we’re excited for everything they have coming out! We’re going to reach out for an interview to help spread even more of their awesome to our readers! Stay tuned!

Darth Mexican loves trying to help the community in any way he can. Marching for Black Lives Matter, attending rallies for LGBTQ rights, protesting what he feels hurts the common folk, and more! DeAngelo won't stop until the world is a better place!

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