Feature: Chocozumo (Photographer)

Feature: Chocozumo (Photographer)

In Arizona we have such a rich and vibrant cosplay community filled of talented Cosplayers, costumer makers, convention organizers, and especially cosplay photographers.

One of these photographers in particular does a fantastic job with his camera, lights, and photo shop. On top of all of this, he is so young to boot! His name is Connor Heinzmann and he goes professionally by Chocozumo!

Connor, for whatever reason, thinks well of us here at the The Geek Lyfe and we wanted to share the praise by taking a bit of time to interview him at Con Nichiwa 2017 . Our interviewer, Lavashadow Cosplay helped to interview him and I hope you enjoy!

To take a moment to be real, I wanted to say thank you so much to Connor for giving us the chance to interview him! He is such a hard working photographer that has such a huge passion for his craft. I admire just how hard he applies himself to everything he does and even when times get tough he always seems to maintain his cool and find a reason to have a great time!

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He really is a gem in the Arizona cosplay community and I urge you all to take the time to check out all of his great work and consider working with him if you are interested in photo shoots! So many talented cosplayers recommend him and other photographers in the community hold him in high regard.

Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram!


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