Five Amazing Video Game Characters From 2020

2020 has been an eventful year, to say the least. Staring with COVID-19 to the never-ending fiasco of the Presidential election to Artemis Fowl, and more. However, there’s one great thing that happened in 2020 and we can’t seem to get over it. And that is the new characters that video games gave us.

Despite the storm that 2020 put us through, it was a phenomenal year for video games, the protagonists, and the NPCs that populate their world. We’ve compiled the top characters found in popular games. Let us know if you agree.

Top 5 Video Game Characters from 2020

  1. Bobby, Paper Mario: The Origami King – Veteran gamers for years have bagged on the Paper Mario series for refusing to return to its roots. Specifically, people want to see the franchise return to featuring novel characters from the Mario Universe like Koopas, Goombas, Boos, and more. With Bobby the Bob-omb, Nintendo sent a harsh reminder to the players that all the monsters in the Mushroom Kingdom serve one specific purpose. Once you start objectifying the monsters, you tag Mario as a mass murderer who jumps over mushrooms to save the princess.
  2. Scáthach-Skaði, Fate/Grand Order – This one is for the anime enthusiasts. If you’re not a fan of anime gacha, you won’t relate to what we’re talking about. Sure, many of you might have seen Scáthach-Skaði in the Cosmos in the Lostbelt series, but the character here is a mix. She’s an amalgam of Norse Goddess Skaði and Scáthach, a character from Greek mythology whose background has been altered by the creators for the purpose of creative indulgence.
  3. Gramble Gigglefunny, Bugsnax – While Bugsnax the game failed to live up to the projected hype, its colorful cast was a hoot to watch. While each of the Grampuses had a unique character and personality, none of them quite match up to Gramble. While most of the island’s residents wanted to feed on the Bugsnax, Gramble offered them protection. Refusing to see the Bugsnax as animals and not food is what put him at loggerheads with most of the town’s residents.
  4. Ace, Rainbow Six: Siege – Ace is more than just a simple war hero with over a hundred confirmed kills to his name who one day got bored of the battlefield and decided to join the counter-insurgency unit. Before joining the group, Ace was a special operations paramedic. His composure throughout the storyline and proficiency with the AK-12 is what makes the character all the more lovable.
  5. Dusa, Hades – If we could include all the characters from Hades, we gladly would. Unfortunately, since we have to choose one, we’re naming the cutest of the bunch. While Dusa might not have an hourglass figure, her heart of gold more than makes up for it. Her bonding with Zagreus is perhaps the highlight of the game and if you haven’t yet played the game, we recommend you visit the world of Hades today!
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