Five of the Different Forms of Blackjack

There are plenty of takers for Blackjack because it is one of the most famous games among the ones that are usually described as gambling games. Even when it comes to rules that are both easy to understand and execute, Blackjack takes the lead and heads forward. 

However, it also boasts of forms like no other and that is what you need to read about. 

  • European Blackjack 

The European version of Blackjack is known for offering better odds, although that is not something that guarantees victory. It is played with two decks of cards and for the delight of all players, the dealer stands on soft 17.

Moreover, the game also sets the rest apart with clashes like dealer Blackjack vs player Blackjack ending up as a tie or even a push. Thanks to all of that, European Blackjack is known to be ideal for experienced ones and not for beginners.

  • Classic Blackjack 

There are no debates about the version of Blackjack which is the most famous one because Classic Blackjack ensures to have taken the lead. It is the most played version and stands to be quite appealing with its house edge of 0.5%. 

It is the type of Blackjack game that many would expect to find when they search for ‘Blackjack online for free’ because why would one not want to play an established version of a game for free? 

  • Perfect Pairs Blackjack 

Perfect Pairs Blackjack starts off with the same rules as Classic Blackjack but ends up making a slight change or by bringing in a little twist. Right at the beginning of the game, players can look to make an extra side bet. 

This particular side bet is more or less a gamble on whether or not the first two cards will be the same number. While it sounds and seems like a longshot, there are players who believe in making this move and carry forward to do it. 

  • Face Up 21

This particular version of Blackjack is quite different from the rest mainly because it allows gamblers to see both their cards as dealers deal with two face-up cards for all players. 

As a result, players have a certain kind of advantage because they have leading insights into how they need to place bets, thanks to being able to view the two cards. However, there are other problems that come into the picture, especially when a dealer hits soft 17. 

During such situations, the dealer blackjack will end up beating the player blackjack and the game ends up paying even money.

  • Spanish 21

Spanish 21, unlike other versions of online Blackjack, takes 10 cards out and thus is known to be a player-friendly game. While the other rules of the game can vary from casino to casino, the general rules remain the same.

Among these general rules, players can look to double down on any point total even after any number of cards are dealt. The game also allows players to double after splitting, which is surely another point to remember. 


These five famous versions of Blackjack surely give you the idea that you can go beyond the established and famous game of Blackjack with versions that are similar but different at the same time. 

They come on board with a whole host of features and thus end up being quite special. So waste no time in exploring these versions because they are worth it. 

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