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Five Ways to Turn Your Date Night Geeky!


Spending time with your significant other is a great way to strengthen an established bond or foster a new one! While we all know and love the classic dinner and a movie combination, it can get a bit too routine. To help, we’ve compiled a list of five ways to turn your date night geeky!

Table Top Gaming Night

Personally, I’m not one for small talk. I always crave filling my time with clear objectives so that I know every minute matters. Gaming is an easy way to fill the few hours a week dedicated to having a great time with your significant other! Local game shops in your city offer a number of two player games such as Magic the Gathering where you can purchase pre-built decks for $20 or board games like Eldritch Horror for $40-$60 where you can keep the game to just you two or expand to include friends down the line!

Paint/Build Night

Following the topic of table top gaming, there are a lot of war gaming or RPGs that include the use of miniature figures that can go as cheap as $2. While using these figures in those games are an

absolute blast, nothing is stopping you from purchase a couple unique characters, glue, brushes, paints, and then going to town on them! Who cares if you have no idea what a ‘Beholder ‘ or  ‘Space Marine‘ is! You’ll lose yourself in piecing the figures together, base coating them and then applying your favorite color scheme.

It is a piece of art that you can use for your gaming purposes or just have on display! If you decide to go back and change the color scheme there are plenty of techniques to strip the paint. Alternatively you can also dive deeper by using oils and textures!

Video Gaming/Let’s Play Night

Like table top gaming, getting to play video games with your partner is wonderful. Whether you are working together towards a common goal like defeating a terrible raid boss in your favorite

massively multiplayer role playing game or attempting to murder them in Dead by Daylight as iconic murderers while they attempt to run for their lives, fun times are to be had! Don’t have a PC or consoles? No worries! Even your mobile phone is more than likely capable of playing Pokemon Go or Fortnite!

Too broke to afford the latest game or too scared to play more than five minutes of that horror game everyone is talking about? You can catch various content creators playing the games you love on Twitch live or on demand via YouTube. I’ve spent way too many nights consuming hours upon hours of Game Grumps and Dodger’s content! Not to mention this is a solid method to research products before purchasing them and supporting small businesses!

Binge and Food Night

Now I understand that having a night where you sit down and watch multiple episodes of a series can fall in line with ‘Dinner and a movie’ but hear me out. If you and your partner love anime, you more than likely have multiple series on your plate that all get updated on Saturday. If anime isn’t your jam then various other shows have already probably stolen your heart that you need to catch up on. What better way to spend a night than to eat pizza ice cream and watch five episodes of West World or twelve episodes of Darling in the Franxx?

The best part is that you can pause the show or wait until in between episodes to gush about fan theories. By the end of the night you’ll both be wide awake arguing over who is the best boy/girl or which fictional relationship you want to see as canon.

“Alpha” Night

Sometimes you need to establish dominance in the relationship just to remind your partner what is what. To do that you and your partner can take choose two challenges each and agree on one tiebreaker if needed. The challenges have to be as childish and impractical as possible to show case your best assets. Examples include: Laser Tag, Karaoke(With non bias victims judges), puns chain, Dance Dance Revolution, cringe worthy pick up lines on fast food employees who are forced to interact with you, and so on!


The winner aka the Alpha then gets to decide what the next date night will be, more than likely being everything that they want. The Alpha title can be challenged after that victory date.


Never forget that you chose your significant other because they are fantastic. No matter the circumstances whether they be financial, time constraints, or what you’ll absolutely be able to find a great way to spend time with your partner in a manner that sheds all responsibility and conflicts even just for a few hours. I hope this helps and if you have any suggestions on other great ways to have  a geeky date night be sure to comment below!

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