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FreeplayFrenchie Reviews: Uncharted 4


FreeplayFrenchie Reviews: Uncharted 4

I first started the Uncharted series when I bought my PS4 on black Friday in the UK, and with that came the Nathan Drake collection. Honestly, the first game was a little frustrating, being so old, but as I played my way through the sequels, they got better each time and I can say that Uncharted 4 is definitely the best in the series. If you’re new to the series I would suggest starting at Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and working your way up if you don’t fancy the old-timey controls that graced Drake’s Fortune.
That’s the non-spoiler review – here come spoilers!



Story/Character: In this tale we follow Nathan Drake and his not-dead brother Sam as they hunt for a long lost pirate treasure. I will say the story arc is a little cliche, in that poor Nathan has hung up his adventuring boots, taken a normal job and secretly plays around in his attic, shooting bad guys and reliving the glory days. (Yeah, like we haven’t heard that one before.) Meanwhile, poor Elena is married to a man who clearly isn’t really happy at home or at work. I did feel for the girl. That being said, the plot has some considerable twists and Sam is a likeable character with a personality that bounces nicely next to Nate’s. Unfortunately, Elena falls into the slot of ‘wife-that’s-been-left-behind-because-I-lied-because-she-doesn’t-understand-me.’ Though she does go and save his ass and one again proves herself as a more than capable partner.

The graphics are phenomenal, pure and simple, I don’t know if that’s a Sony thing or just a Playstation thing, but they are fantastic. More than a couple of times I found myself in awe of my surroundings, just appreciating that games like these can transport us to all the places we can’t venture. Standing on top of a cliff face, gazing down at the rainforest below as birds fly across the rooftops, is really something to stop and enjoy.



Following the series’ predecessor’s the gameplay has improved yet again, and exploring feels exciting. The action sequences are also still a ton of fun. As I said to a friend recently, ‘It’s like you’re watching a movie but you’re also in it.’

Combat proceeds much like this: Be sneaky and take out all the guys without a hitch or you might then be surrounded, die, and have to start all over again. OR, just charge in, shoot everyone and suffer the consequences. Consequences being that you then have to deal with reinforcements and usually two men with shotguns. Of course, it’s totally down to the player and I usually switched between my method depending how long I’d been playing and how I was feeling. It is annoying though that you can start one method, aka, being sneaky, accidentally get seen, then have to deal with the consequences of the other method that you specifically didn’t choose. That’s mechanics for you I guess. Although, I think you’re safe if you take out the majority of the guys silently, then shoot the rest.
Mostly, it’s all good fun.





Obviously, Nathan Drake’s story is meant to end here. We all know that really and truly it should of ended with Drake’s Deception, a trilogy provides the perfect arc after all. They’ve tied up Nathan’s story nicely, pulling him out for ‘one last job’ then settling him down with all the gold and the rewards with his brother going off to keep the adventures going. HOWEVER, I personally don’t want the series to end here. I know, I know, how can I say that? I suppose I just get too attached to the drama and characters than say, professional game critics that focus more on the survival of the franchise. I’m well aware that another game in Uncharted would run the risk of being poorly received, just look at Assassin’s Creed. What would they even add to make the game different? They’d end up taking out things people loved and adding in unnecessary bits of tat. Again, just like Assassin’s Creed. Syndicate was bought for me at Christmas thank god, and I still haven’t finished it.
My point being that another game with Nathan would not do well, his daughter on the other hand… I would love to see a game with Cassie, Elena and Nate’s daughter. A new female adventurer and perhaps even rival to Microsoft’s Lara Croft? Of course, story would prove an issue. Would her parents want her to go off adventuring? It’s doubtful they’d be supportive and if they were, well then wouldn’t they appear for a last minute rescue and BOOM it’s A Thief’s End all over again. I say kill them off, and then we’ve got a protagonist who just HAS to continue her parents work.
I suppose it’s unlikely they will make another one, but then the series is so lucrative and game developers don’t usually know when to stop until it gets really bad.
My suggestion Sony, is that you wait for a couple of years, or a year, because I do want another game, and really think about where the series or spin off series could go. Personally, would love a couple of games with Cassie, providing of course, it’s done well.


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