Fun Casino Games to include in your TTRPG games!

Looking to spice up your next tabletop role-playing session? Why not host a casino-themed side quest? In real life, it is a blast to play games of chance in person or even virtually like Play Amo! Here are some fantastic ideas to help you out!

Street Dice

One of the easiest games is playing Street Dice where you take 2d6 and roll the dice in order to see who is going to win or lose the pot. There are many rules that you can add to the game in order to make it entertaining. That way you can simply have the players challenge ‘the house’ by rolling against the Dungeon Master for additional gold.

Black Jack

BlackJack is a well-known and beloved card game of chance that be also be used to simulate a casino experience in your sessions. You’ll simply need to gather a real-life deck of cards and then play as a group against your Dungeon Master. Playing a new game within a game will be a fun experience as it’ll cause your characters to roleplay how they’d react to winning, losing, or even how they would bluff!

3 Shell

3 Shell is a game where you can play either in person or simply watch Youtube videos showcasing different situations that players can guess. How the game works is that there are three “shells” and a ball hidden beneath one of them. After the ball is clearly displayed to the participants, the shells get shuffled around and the participants must guess which shell has the ball.

All of these examples would help to make a fun experience for any table! Sometimes a break from the traditional hack and slash dungeon dive is exactly what is needed to break the tension and potentially win your players much-needed gold! Or even lose it all and be forced to embark on a bigger adventure because of it!

There are many other exciting games to check out so be sure to look up other great games and have fun!

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