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Geek Lyfe Spotlight: RAGING AMEH


Geek Lyfe Spotlight: RAGING AMEH

There are a few things you should know about RAGING AMEH. 1. Ameh keeps it Reel. 2. She can create chibis so kawaii that it will make your face melt. 3. She can curse a mile a minute. 4. Her knowledge of Anime/Manga is unbeatable so you should pack it up, pack it in, let her begin, she came to win in Pokemon. Battle her? That’s a sin. 5.She is a recovering K-Pop addict.

Ameh was the third member to join The Geek Lyfe! Back in the day, after I got Spocktopus and Madam Geek on my team, we decided that it was time for an updated logo. I originally was able to go on Fivverr and purchase a logo design, but unfortunately the quality was not up to par as to what we needed. We needed a designer, and a good one, so I put out the call to my close friends and even not so close friends and many responded but all of them were unable to produce a final product. It wasn’t until I brought the project to Ameh that things actually started to get complete, over the course of just a couple months she produced mock ups, advice, changes and so much more. I was taken aback by her kindness, I informed her from the start that I’d love anything she created but that would not be good enough for her, she needed to know that I was getting exactly what I wanted.

The level of professionalism Ameh demonstrated blew my mind. Previously when talking to friends, they mostly blew me off because I was their friend and didn’t think much of the project. However, Ameh treated me as if I were one of her clients and went through the same steps as everyone else. It was a great lesson to learn from her that I always apply when dealing with the blog and friends: Yes, we might talk about Anime and video games, but there is a project that needs to get done so let’s do what we have to do and move on. I have to admit that I was humbled by the sheer fact that Ameh is a professional graphic designer who does it for a living and takes commissions on her off hours, to have a pro help with my tiny blog was incredible. What I value even more than her design skills is her friendship. She always gives the best advice whenever I’m faced with deciding which direction to go with Geek Lyfe.

When she is not designing everything for us and giving advice, she is usually getting sucked into one anime or another then giving me full blown reviews of what she thought about it. Although she does enjoy a good Rom Com every so often, her focus is actually in more action type animes like Tokyo Ghoul, Psycho pass, Naruto, Sword Art Online, and a ton others! I thought I was obsessed but she takes the cake! I also thought I was decent at Minecraft until I brought Ameh into the mix and saw her spend five days with the game and then explode awesome buildings onto the server. If you are wondering why we call her RAGING AMEH, it’s because although she might be small, she is packed with the fury of 10,000 suns when ever someone is a jerk in traffic or something gets under her skin. So many of our conversations while driving to lunch begin with talks of video games and then end in a stream of super fast and loud cursing towards drivers on their phones who chose not to stop at a stop sign. It’s quite the experience! I keep telling her to do a let’s play so we can share her fury with our fans in a safe and controlled environment where only virtual people are being hurt. 10690052_10205604235211572_6435729992950906203_n

Whenever you see the Geek Lyfe logo, social media banners, T shirt designs, business cards, badges, know that she was the one to tackle all of these things and was wonderful every step of the way. If any of them look off, grainy or something seems wrong with them, know that I am the one who uploads the files so the mistakes can all be traced to me! Thankfully she is always here to help out with what looks best visually and always works hard to help Geek Lyfe grow in whatever way she can. She seriously is a wonder designer and I am always shocked that she takes the time to help my humble blog.

Stay tuned for more spotlights on the Admins of The Geek Lyfe in the near future!

Darth Mexican loves trying to help the community in any way he can. Marching for Black Lives Matter, attending rallies for LGBTQ rights, protesting what he feels hurts the common folk, and more! DeAngelo won't stop until the world is a better place!

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