Geekiest Sports Stars on the Planet

Geek chic is here to stay and is a style that can be found across all sub-cultures, from anime fanatics all the way through to sports stars who find it tough to repress their inner fan.

Here we take a look at the latter, because there is nothing better than seeing a rough and tough American football or basketball player get their geek on.


Tyson Fury is one of the most fun-loving elite sportsmen on the planet and he combines that with his love of characters of comic and movie fame

Tyson Fury

Lots of top boxers are big geeks at heart, because pretending to be tough all day long can get tiring if you don’t break it up with some lighthearted play and banter.

Tyson Fury certainly fits the mold in this regard because the heavyweight king is always poking fun at his opponents as well as the odds makers foolish enough to make him an underdog against the likes of Vladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder. The furious one reached peak geek in the lead up to his coming out party against Vladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf, Germany, as he dressed up as none other than Batman and then wrestled a mystery man disguised as the Joker. His big Ukrainian opponent just didn’t know what to make of the scene and perhaps it was jaunts such as this that enabled Fury to win the mind games with Klitschko and deliver a points victory for those fans who used online free bets and sign-up bonuses to back the future heavyweight king. It’s unclear if there are further cosplay jaunts in the works during future fight build-ups, but anything is possible with this true wild card of an athlete, who always keeps fans and odds makers guessing.


NBA players are known for being flamboyant characters, but Westbrook takes things further, expressing himself with the way he dresses on a daily basis

Russell Westbrook

There is a fine line between being part of the cool, fashionable crowd or being viewed as a bit of a nerd, and the NBA’s Russell Westbrook certainly treads that line on a daily basis, like a giant tightrope walker.

He is renowned for stepping out on matchday in show stopping outfits that have everyone talking from the fashion world to sports punditry panels. Aside from his head-turning daily fashion choices, Westbrook also likes to take things up a notch when Halloween comes around. In 2021 he put together a truly terrifying interpretation of Chucky, which no doubt had other Halloween party guests running for the hills.

Brent Burns

Burns is one of the NHL’s most beloved players, with his caveman looks entertaining fans while simultaneously striking fear into the hearts of his opponents.

Despite this hardman image, Burns is a total geek, and especially when it comes to all things related to the world of Harry Potter. He is also the sort of geek to obsess and take things as far as possible. This became clear when he named his pet dog Hagrid and then backed that up by naming a pet bird Hedwig. To cap things off he even has a multitude of Harry Potter inspired tattoos so that, when he is on the ice, he can imagine he is involved in a game of Quidditch.


He is the leading light of the Brazilian national team and commands a sky-high salary playing for the billionaire owned PSG football club in France, but away from the pitch Neymar loves nothing more than settling down to a hearty evening of online gaming or comic book reading.

Just like Burns, he has a number of tattoos that were inspired by various comic book characters and series, and he is also a regular live streamer of video games such as EA’s FIFA and Fortnite. When he makes an appearance on Twitch the whole gaming community blows up, as word gets around that the great man is online, and he isn’t half bad at bagging goals and frags online.

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