Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

Coming towards the end of 2022, expected in Q4 – the new Ghostbusters game will be available on Playstation 4 & 5, Xbox One and Series X and of course PC.  This title is set to be a four v one multiplayer based game and is developed by IllFonic, the studio behind Friday 13th: The Game. If you’ve played that one, you’ll be familiar with the set up here.

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As previously mentioned, there are two teams in this game, one comprising four players and one composed of a solo player. 

The four player team is (perhaps somewhat predictably) tasked with discovering and busting the one player ghost team. Using the PKE-meter to detect ghostly entities and then subsequently taking them down with the Proton Pack, Particle Thrower & Ghost Trap. The aim is to firstly subdue the ghost before the location of its residence becomes too haunted to be rescued for good.

From the other side, the individual who plays as the ghost is able to travel via floating and also teleport via the in-game rifts located around the map. There is the ability to summon tricky minions in a quest to inconvenience & fend off the ghost busting contingent of each game round. Of course, there is the ability to slime (and stun) too!

Before each game, the set up takes place in the infamous firehouse, where it’s possible to customise your ghost and ghostbusting teams respectively. There are upgrades to equipment, abilities & the opportunity to practise using the equipment too. Best to hone your abilities before you go out there and kick ass!

The pairings are done via an internet connection as it’s primarily an online based game. However, if the fast paced online action isn’t what you’re craving – there is the ability to play as a solo ghost or as a part of an AI populated squad. There is cross-platform multiplayer available over all the major consoles (& PC).
Two of the actual original ghostbusters are on hand to deliver missions with Winston (played by Ernie Hudson) & Ray (Dan Aykroyd) making appearances to deliver missions and provide useful advice from the bookshop respectively!

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