You NEED to attend Dobutsu Lounge at Phoenix Comicon!(Interview)

You NEED to attend Dobutsu Lounge at Phoenix Comicon!

Looking for something dope to do at Phoenix Comicon? You should definitely check out the fine folks at Dobutsu Lounge! If you are unfamiliar with Dobutsu Lounge, they are a companion Lounge which is focused on showing you a good time by surrounding you with beautiful people and entertainment! You literally pay $15 and then have fun by sitting at a table where girl and guys come to join you and talk to you before jumping into various games or performances in your honor.

Their entire goal is to make sure you have the best time ever. No man or woman is an outcast at Dobutsu Lounge and I am shocked that a good amount of folks have no idea about them or their awesome events! So I wanted to interview them on their business so you can be in the know of what/who they are! Everyone from their performers to the business owners are wonderful people. I barely got to interact with them when I dropped by their swimsuit shoot and was blown away by how chill and down to earth they all were. They go beyond being pretty, they are legitimately cool people who have such a passion for just hanging out with people and having fun.

Who are these dope people who’ll be there? None other than incredible cosplayers such as: Rosy Rhino, Peach GirlQ-Ki, Kinoko Cosplay, and so many more!

The Dobutsu Lounge will be doing two events during Phoenix Comicon on both Friday and Saturday night. One is a Monster Girl Beach Party: “Dobutsu Lounge kicks off the summer season right with a twist on one of its most popular themes! We bring a little of the beach to the desert with our Monster Girl Swimsuit Beach Party featuring our hostess and hosts in Swimsuits along with their monstrous features. We will run a raffle for exclusive items throughout the night. Joins us for games, performances, and booze(21+)! Come play with us!~!” and the other even will take place on Saturday night!

I do also want to add this piece of advice: Tickets will be sold at the door as well as online so if you are planning on attending and don’t want to pay online fees then bring cash!

You can find out so much more information on their social media! I seriously recommend checking out their events because they are not only cool people but they put on a great event and it even gives back to charity!

Photos in photo gallery by Peach Girl Photography!

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