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Give Your Eyes An Active Screen Break

Unsplash – CC0 License 

While eye strain is not a new condition, it has increased dramatically due to the increased screen presence in our everyday lives. Typically, the condition is linked to long hours of strenuous activities for your eye muscles. 

In the long term, eye strain can affect your vision, causing blur as the muscles fail to adjust the tension around the lens – the one in your eye. It can also cause unpleasant headaches or even brain fog. More and more studies show that excessive screen time can affect eye health, as shortsightedness is increasing at the same rate as modern screen technology. Oops. 

Therefore, you may want to look into new activities and expand your geek horizon to preserve eye health. Spending an afternoon away from the screen can be all you need to restore your health and help your eyes rest. Ideally, you may want to avoid reading, as it can force your attention on a small area – aka the page of the book – which means that your eye muscles remain blocked in a narrow sight position. You want to focus on part-time hobbies that combine short and long distances… Add a sprinkle of geek creativity, and you’re ready to indulge in a geeky eye rest. Here are 5 ways of giving your eyes a well-deserved break without getting bored. 

Embrace Warhammer universe

Games Workshops, the company that owns and operates Warhammer, has introduced a vibrant and exciting fantasy world that combines table top gaming, card games, and even miniature painting. You can also find video games, so avid players would be familiar with most characters. Fans of the franchise know the Warhammer rulebook, which has been published since 1987. The last edition was released in July 2020, and introduced new and old players to the Warhammer 40,000 game. The main appeal to the franchise is that you build your own playing field and players. You can design a variety of modular terrain models to make and paint yourself. Painting your miniatures and field will give your eyes a break. Ideally, you want to get yourself your first Warhammer army if you haven’t already and a paint scheme and kit. If you’re looking for inspiration, we suggest heading to Instagram to find some of the best Warhammer artwork. Bonus points for watching Henry Cavill, the actor who plays Witcher on Netflix, explaining about his Warhammer paint techniques. Proof that you can find geeks in all places. Painting miniatures will keep your eyes switching from a narrow perspective to a broader view as you keep checking your progress on the figurine.   

Create your own game

If you fall in love with the idea of board games, you can look for Yut Nori, an ancient Korean game that introduced odd-shaped dice to many players. Yut Nori brings fun-looking dice in a typical racing game. For a fantasy board game, it’s fair to say that introducing details that force your eyes to adjust to new shapes and designs will keep your muscles working while relaxing your eyes. Using polyhedral dice, for instance, helps eye muscles. The dice shape is ideal for role-playing games, such as Dungeons & Dragons narratives. But you can seize the opportunity to create your own board and set of rules. Why is it good for your eyes? You will combine long and short distance focus as you build a board, and play. Besides, it’s fun to invite people over for a game of Debonnaire and Deadly Daemons, or Kingdom Kindred Knights & Koalas – or whatever you wish to call your game.

DeAngelo Murillo aka Darth Mexican loves trying to help the community in any way he can. Marching for Black Lives Matter, attending rallies for LGBTQ rights, protesting what he feels hurts the common folk, and more! DeAngelo won't stop until the world is a better place!

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