Great Ways To Escape Your Screen This Week


As much as we all love playing video games and watching the tv after a stressful day at work, sometimes getting away from our screens altogether is what we need to feel refreshed and renewed. 

Most of our lives revolve around screens, from scrolling on our phones to working on our computers – and now and again it is important to step away and rest our eyes and minds. 

Today we want to take a look at some of the ways you can step away from the screens for a while and relax this weekend. 

Go for a drive 

Heading out for a drive in your  2021 Toyota RAV4 is the ideal way to get away from the screens for a little while. Driving can be incredibly relaxing and it will give you the perfect opportunity to explore some of the country roads around your local area as well as enjoy some of your favourite tunes for a little while. A great time to head for a drive is just before sunset, while the light around you is golden and you can head to a viewing point and watch the sunset. 

Take a walk 

A walk is always welcomed, and it is so important now and again to get your steps in and let your legs stretch. This weekend, why not head out from your house and go for a walk around your local neighbourhood? A lot of the time we miss a lot of hidden gems where we live and by taking a walk around your stomping grounds you might come across some amazing places you never noticed before. Plus, you can head into your local town and grab a coffee and a cake along the way and make a day of it. 

Do some cooking 

Cooking can be a brilliant way to take your mind off your computer, and it can become a great hobby for you as you start experimenting with new flavours and combinations in the kitchen. Grab a recipe book or think about your favourite meals and start creating in the kitchen this weekend. This is not only super relaxing but your eyes will have a much needed rest from screens and you’ll be able to learn a new skill along the way. 

Try some painting 

If you’ve been sitting through spreadsheets for the last week, one way to escape this boringness for a little while is to grab some paints and paper and paint a picture. Painting can be a fun hobby to try, and whether you are a pro or a novice you can have fun placing colour onto the page and testing out different techniques. You can even pull up a YouTube video and follow a painting tutorial and start creating something wonderful. 

Enjoy a new hobby 

Living your life solely through the screen can become monotonous and it is easy to get stuck in a rut with your work if you don’t take a break. This is why trying a brand new hobby this week might be exactly what you need. Take a class in pottery or try a cookery class – and do something you have never done before. 

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