How to Organize PDF Files in Adobe Acrobat Reader

How to Organize PDF Files in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Whether you’re a student or a business person, your Smartphone or computer must be loaded with many PDF files. While Adobe Reader gives you the luxury of accessing PDF files, it also lets you organize them in an orderly manner. These features include rotating, replacing, adding and deleting pages. Knowing how to use these features can help you arrange ebooks and PDF files that have many documents in it.

Let us see what these features do and how can we you use them:

Organizing Pages

Open a PDF file that you wish to organize by selecting ‘Organize Pages’ from the panel which is located at the right side. When you do this, the interface will transform into thumbnail view and you’d be able to see all the documents that are inside the PDF file you selected.

There’d also be a new toolbar having features like extract, insert, replace, rotate etc for you to make changes in the PDF file’s order.

  • Rotate A Page: From the thumbnail view you can select any file that you wish to rotate and click on the rotate left or rotate right icon at the top left of the interface to rotate any document to 90 degrees.
  • Delete A Page: If you wish to delete a single or multiple pages then you can simply select one or all of them all and click on the ‘Trash Bin’ icon or simply press delete from the keyboard to get rid of the unwanted pages.
  • Insert A Page: Insert is the second command on the toolbar that lets you insert a page at any location. Let’s say you want to add a page into an ebook then you can simply open the ebook and stand your cursor at the position where you want to add the page and click on insert a page. You can also insert pages that belong to different extensions, however, keep in mind that you won’t be able to merge pages if their extensions do not match.
  • Replace A Page: The next option is similar to swapping two pages. It is very easy to do as all you need to do is click on ’Replace’ from the toolbar and select the page that you wish to replace. Once you click on it, it will ask you of the page that you want to replace it with. This is how you can simply replace multiple pages in a booklet or an ebook that you’re creating. However, make sure that the pages you want to replace are supported by Adobe Acrobat or else it will pass an error.
  • Rearrange Multiple Pages: You can change the position of multiple pages in the PDF file by holding them and dragging them one by one, or you can click on ‘Select Page Range’ option to give a page range such as even/odd page numbers etc. Page range option plays a vital role in arranging a PDF file that has hundreds of documents.

You may want to know about Soda PDF OCR and other such tools if Adobe Reader isn’t your favorite.

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