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How You Can Make a Living by Gaming Online

There was a time when playing video games was associated with laziness and addictive behavior, but in this day and age, that no longer holds true – especially because now, plenty of people are able to make a living with it. Making money out of doing what you love is always ideal and guarantees job satisfaction. However, as much fun as it is to constantly delve into the world of games and profiting off of it, you should also keep in mind that it requires a ton of hard work. Many people who have gone down this path are seen to actually give it up because the aspect of work kills the passion that they have for video games. It’s also quite risky: there are hundreds of failure stories that counteract the ones displaying success.

All that said it is indeed possible to make a living by playing games online. While it definitely requires some amount of luck to receive regular paychecks when you pick up the controller, it also requires commitment, dedication and the awareness that you will spend a lot of time doing it for nothing before actually seeing the results. Here are some ways that you can get money by gaming online.

Live Stream

Live streaming is the way by which you can play games in real time for an audience. When you have a large enough audience, you will be able to monetize your streams with ads. You can make a donation and a subscription portal, which is great if you have a loyal following that is willing to pay you to continue gaming for their entertainment. Some donation options also work in real time and you will be able to see who is paying you and how much. Several live streamers on YouTube Gaming and Twitch (the biggest platforms for live gaming) have a habit of giving shout-outs to their fans who have donated in real time. It is quite difficult to gain a following at first, mainly because there are so many streamers out there. You will need to find that special trait that you have which differentiates you from everyone else already on the platform, and work hard to promote and enjoy what you are doing.

Online Games on Points Clubs

For those who are looking to make a quick buck, there are rewards and coupon sites like Swagbucks and MyPoints that usually pay their members when they answer surveys online, but also have the option of getting points through gaming which you can exchange for money. The games available are often easy to play flash games that are fun and entertaining. Swagbucks has plenty of free games which you can convert to PayPal payments and Amazon gift cards. For some other sites, you might have to pay upfront to get access to better quality games, but once that one-time payment is done, you can get rewards for playing your favorite games.

Professional YouTube Gaming

Just like live streaming, this method requires some devotion and patience on your part before reaping any sort of profit. Making YouTube videos of playing games needs to have an entertainment factor coupled with commentary and a likable online presence. It’s definitely not a job for the camera shy. When you’re just starting out, you need to invest not only in a good camera and a set up for recording, but also on editing hours and hours of footage of gaming. But, if it’s something that you find interesting and willing to spend time doing what you love above all – playing video games – it might be worth investing in. Once you finally start making a considerable amount, you can think of outsourcing editing the videos to someone else so you can prioritize on working on your online presence and sharing the love of gaming.

Gambling Online

The gambling industry has taken the digital world by the storm, and it’s no secret that playing gambling games online is as thrilling as playing at land-based casinos. In fact, playing games like on these casino sites from the comfort of your own home might be even more fun, considering that a virtual casino has unlimited games to offer and is not confined by the infrastructure of  a land-based one. After spending a bit of money placing your bets and learning about the best strategies to use by talking to the experts on gambling websites and apps, you can be sure of making money by the end of it. There are several casino sites that even offer a free bet for first-timers, and you can take full advantage of this feature. Moreover, there are bonus rounds and points for loyal customers. Becoming a member of these sites are as easy as creating an email address, all you need is a device that has an internet connection and you’re good to go.

Create Gaming Guides

With so many games out there, people are willing to read guides on how to approach the ones they feel are the most difficult. The simplest way of publishing an online guide and getting money from it is on a website or a blog which you can monetize. Blogging is a way of earning passive income but it takes a while to get established. If you’re sure that your expertise on gaming can shine through the guides that you make, there is a high chance that an audience is ready to read it and pay for it. Find a popular game and do a bit of research on what people are having trouble with, and with your strong writing skills, your online guide will prove to be a success.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can make money through gaming online. Remember that for some of them, playing games for money is still work, and only when you begin to see it that way is when you will get results. But at the end of it all, it is extremely fun and often a potential career option for anyone.

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