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Independence Day: Resurgence Review


Independence Day: Resurgence Review

If you’ve not taken a look yet at some of the reviews for Independence Day: Resurgence, spoiler alert, they’re not kind. With scores of 34% on Metacritic and 34% on Rotten Tomatoes the skies are dark indeed. However, this fan was more than satisfied with the ‘popcorn chaos’ that ensued. Despite being far too back from the screen for my liking, I thoroughly enjoyed the film and I think it comes down to what you remember from the first.

If like some, you remember the first film when it first came out in 1996, this sequel might’ve paled in comparison to what you felt when you saw the original. But for those of us who would switch the channel to watch when it came on TV, this sequel, in all its glamorous updated CGI, was a good 1hr 59 mins watch.

Now, I had heard that critics weren’t allowed see it before it’s public release, and that first reactions had been less with warm after that. This, coupled with the fact I knew it had been a long time since the 1996 release, and a hard act to follow, meant that I entered the cinema with trepidation. However, I came out very happy with what I’d seen, and feeling pleasantly nostalgic.

When I started to do some research of other’s opinions for my Youtube video and blog post I was little confused because there wasn’t just one particular thing wrong with the film, apparently it was …everything. The writing was ‘lackluster’ and ‘abysmal’, everyone was clearly very upset that Will Smith wasn’t around, (although kudos to him for narrowly avoiding another badly received film to his list) it was derivative, and even ‘an insult to the blockbuster genre.” Take that Roland Emmerich, that’s what you get for not letting us see it first!

Now I’m not a critic, and I don’t pretend to know a lot about films. I took a class in Screenwriting at University and some media studies in school, but really I’m just going on whether I enjoyed it, and I did. I can say it’s obvious they kept the cheesy quips to try and create some kind of homage to the first film and maybe even hope that with Liam Hemsworth’s punch to that alien, some of the first movie’s success would be drawn along with it. However, if you’re looking for a sci-fi fix it’s got you covered. Truthfully, everyone I think was going to miss Will Smith and I did, but I didn’t think about him the entire film! And I certainly didn’t go through the film scene by scene going, “Now that would’ve been better with Will Smith…he wouldn’t have done that either.” Seeing the old cast members was enjoyable enough.


Some points were made about how Roland Emmerich’s films are all getting a bit samey. He goes for bigger and badder each time, like in 2012, and the CGI is still familiar. In that regard, Independence Day: Resurgence doesn’t cover any new ground. But it’s a disaster movie people! And personally I like disasters as big as they can be.
So really, in conclusion it seems those who were looking for something truly astounding and ground breaking, perhaps got a minor tremor instead. Personally I wanted to see some aliens blown up, reminisce about the first film and be amused along the way, and Emmerich delivered that. I look forward to seeing the part three.

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