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Interview with Artist Akiiko

What is that? You want to know more about an amazing artist by the name of Akiiko? You got it!

Could you introduce yourself and your brand?

Hi! I’m Melissa but I go by Akiiko and I’m a Resin Artist from Pennsylvania. I do mostly Anime related stuff but occasionally I’ll add video games but really anything you dream I can recreate it!

What is your origin story?

Well I started my shop about 3 and half years ago but then it was a Cosplay accessory shop. I came up with the name Akiiko Fantasy since my love of neko cat girls came from playing Final Fantasy 11  back in 2006 haha I played that for about 5 years and my Mithras name was Akiiko well fast forward to 2014 I picked up Final Fantasy 14 and carried the name over to there. When I decided I wanted to make Neko ears I spent days thinking of a name and I thought it had to be something Akiiko and it hit me why not Fantasy since it’s where all this came from! So after about a year of making the cosplay accessories, I came across some resin stuff from some of the people I followed on my IG and I fell in love with it so I traded some ears for some molds and my obsession began!

What separates you from the rest?

I would say my style and my kindness towards everyone I come in contact with! I try to do things that distinguishes my art from other shops like my large bells on my charms. I always try to add little twists to things like Christmas time I did Santa hats on MHA characters and my kindness is something I get complimented on a lot! I always want my supporters to know I value them because with out them I wouldn’t have the thriving business I have today!

Out of all the content you have created, which is your favorite?

Out of all the content I’ve created I would say my large heart charms are my favorite! There’s a few that I particularly loved and I’m always tempted to keep them haha!

How can folks support you? 

Anyone can support me by checking out my Instagram liking and commenting on anything you love! I’m always open to any questions you got for me too!

Where can we find you online?

You can find my shop by following my Instagram which is where currently I do my sales as well. I try to sell every two weeks and I’ll be starting small flash sales on Friday at random times in the day for some people to get a chance that may have missed a sale or didn’t get there first. For regular sales, I post about them in my stories with date and time so make sure you turn on notifications and hit the reminders so you never miss a sale!
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