Interview with Twitch Streamer The Anne Aesthetic

Check out our interview with the very wonderful The Anne Aesthetic! She is an indie Twitch streamer who has a blast streaming her favorite games for fans! 

The Geek Lyfe: Who are you and what is your brand? 

Anne Aesthetic: My name is Anne and I go by The Anne Aesthetic. I am a Twitch Affiliate and I write game reviews for

TGL: What inspired you to create content? 

AA: My inspiration mainly comes from being able to connect with other people who appreciate the same things I do: video games, internet culture, anime, and cosplay.

Watch Highlight: [] Through the Darkest of Times 2/3 from TheAnneAesthetic on

TGL: What separates your brand from others? 

AA: I’m a variety streamer but instead of cycling through only major titles, I stream many indie games, too. I also write reviews of many of the games I play for I Beat It First. I think that by featuring indie titles, I can help give these smaller developer studios some exposure, and people can see what all those amazing games on their wishlists are like. 

TGL: When you are not creating content, what do you do? 

AA: On the work end, I mostly am teaching English online to non-native speakers and freelance editing on the side. I’m about to go back to school at Arizona State for an ESL teaching certificate starting in May, too. On the leisure end, I love playing with my two older doggos, going out with my husband, or watching any episode of Star Trek on repeat. Recently, I have also been honing my Japanese cooking skills.

TGL: Where can we find you online and how best can folks help you grow? 

AA: I am on Twitch at, Twitter @anneaestheticAZ, Instagram @theanneaesthetic, and Facebook @theanneaesthetic. If your readers enjoy playing video games and want to support me, they should follow me on Twitch and, if they have Amazon Prime, can activate their Twitch Prime and also subscribe to me for free!


Twitter: @anneaestheticAZ

Insta: @theanneaesthetic


Game Reviews:

Podcasts I (occasionally) am on:

My most recent review is of an indie game called Through the Darkest of Times. It’s the only game I’ve ever given a perfect score: 

Here is a highlight from my Twitch showing some playthrough as well:

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