Keep it fast and simple with these 90-ball Bingo games

Everyone loves to feel the rush of a fast-paced and exciting game, whether that be online Slots, brick-and-mortar table games or even the best online Bingo games around. With the latter in mind, we’ve searched through the best in online Bingo, to bring you a couple of the most fun-filled games. So, why not log on and see what you can cross off!

Read on to find out more.

Speed Trap 90-Ball 

With this game, each ticket contains an individual grid of 27 squares which is then made up of three rows and nine columns. Each one of these rows then has five numbers and four blank squares, with 15 numbers appearing in total. You can also purchase strips of tickets with this game, which will include a group of six tickets altogether. On every full strip you’ll find every possible number ranging from one through to 90. In each game you’re permitted to buy up to six strips which will give you the maximum of 36 tickets for your upcoming game. If you can’t decide on how many tickets you want in total then not to worry, as there will most likely be further opportunities to buy tickets during your gameplay.

As you enter the game, there will be a minimum guaranteed jackpot on offer, although the specific prize pot will be determined by the number of players, or tickets purchased, per game. Therefore, the more players/tickets purchased, the bigger the final jackpot will be. 

There are three prizes to be won in each Bingo session: one line, two lines and Bingo/House. To bag that one-line prize you’ll have to be the first player to have crossed off all numbers in a line on your ticket, similarly with the two-line prize you’ll do the same but with two horizontal lines. To win the Bingo/House prize you must be the first player to cross off all of the numbers on your card. What’s great about playing online is that you don’t have to have the keenest eye to win – the game’s software will automatically cross off your numbers for you so you’ll never miss out on bagging those prizes!

Super Bargain Room

Here’s another easy to play 90 ball Bingo game for you to enjoy, with each ticket also being made up of 27 squares, three rows and nine columns. You will also find four blank squares and each row will contain five numbers. The simplicity of the tickets only adds to the game’s appeal, allowing you to keep your eyes on those all-important numbered balls. What’s more, another great thing about this game is that tickets will only set you back £0.01 per game – as you’d expect from the bargain-based name.

The game also features the latest in online Bingo technology, and will automatically identify any wins on your ticket whether you’ve spotted it yourself or not. It’s also worth noting that more than one player can win each prize, but this does mean that you’ll end up sharing the prize pot. What’s more, a single player can win more than one prize if they’ve purchased multiple tickets for that game. So, it’s all to play for.

With the chance to bag those super bargains around every corner, it’s easy to see why this game has Bingo players flocking to buy tickets and get those balls rolling.

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