Laughingpuffin Has The Greatest Star Trek Graduation Photos Ever!

Laughingpuffin Has The Greatest Star Trek Graduation Photos Ever!

We here at The Geek Lyfe are always so proud of our friends for not only pursuing high education but also obtaining a degree in their chosen field. This pride is amplified when these same people decide to go even further by getting their degree early! So imagine our excitement when Laughingpuffin, aka Jessica, announced that she would be doing just that. She also decided be the coolest graduate of all time by having a Star Trek themed photo shoot based on her accomplishment of finishing early. These dope photos were taken by Schyler Anderson Photography who is a very talented photographer in Arizona!

This is background on the photos:

“‘Four years? I’ll do it in three.’ – James T. Kirk

I found out about a year ago that I had the option to graduate early. It was pretty great news, and I was definitely going to pursue that route in any way possible. A little back story, I learned to love Star Trek from my mom. She was a huge part of my inspiration, and if you look closely on the graduation cap, there are three gold dots. Those are the captains pips from the Voyager series, which got me into Star Trek in the first place. I loved Janeway because she represented strength, courage, and bravery in every situation. I wanted to be just like her.

So a little while later after I found out the good news, I re-watched the 2009 re-boot of Star Trek, and I heard the quote, and almost dropped dead! It was perfect! So when I realized graduation was so close, I made my grad cap with the help of my mom. Her and I have been cosplaying for years, so this was definitely familiar territory for us. It was also kind of close to Halloween, so when my photographer said I would get to use two outfits for my graduation, I told my mom I needed to cosplay Kirk’s captain’s outfit from that movie! We went around the town for hours, but not one of the shirts fit me. So, we bought an XX-Large mens shirt, and we sized it into a dress the night before the photo shoot!

I could not be more pleased with how the photos turned out. The magic was all done by the amazing Schyler Anderson Photography.

When I decided to post the photos, I didn’t think they would get popular at all.alone, the front page of Imgur! That’s the equivalent to nerd fame! I knew Imgur would be the perfect place to at least show off a little spark of my creativity, but I never knew it would take off like that! I am so happy that everyone liked my graduation announcement, because man, it has made this whole experience even sweeter.” –Laughingpuffin

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We love the amount of hard work and dedication she put into her photos and schooling! On top of school she also is an accomplished writer, cosplayer, and a wonderful person! We highly recommend you follow her on instagram for all sorts of shenanigans!

Photos by Schyler Anderson Photography

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