Lezhin Comics Relaunches Website with New Design

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Lezhin Comics is best known for their fantastic comic series: Killing Stalking, The Lady and her Butler, Sign, and He Does a Body Good. For those unfamiliar with these incredible titles, Lezhin Comics provides readers with a one shop website for the largest paid online comic platform from South Korea. their focus is on Boy Love, Girl Love, and various other romance/adult series.

It was founded in 2012 by Han Hee Sung and since its creation has grown leaps and bounds in order to provide their fans with fantastic content. Recently, in an effort to ensure a quality experience they have re-designed their website in a more user friendly fashion. The new design focuses on a comprehensive list of recommended titles put together by algorithm based on the reader’s past interaction.

Tje redesign removed the categories “Free” and “BL” while maintaining “Ongoing”, “Ranking”, and “Sale” categories. This will provide users with a faster experience when browsing for that next great comic to binge.

Quote from Jay Jeon, President of Lezhin US:

“With this new website redesign, we have completely reimagined how our users interact with the site. We made huge improvements in the user interface, giving it a more “Netflix” type feel, and made significant improvements in how we calculate recommendations for our users. We want our readers to spend less time searching and more time reading.”

Readers old and new can check out the new design at https://www.lezhin.com/! We do recommend giving them a try since they always have such great series available for fans!

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