Maid Marcy Interviews Cafe Kira Hoshi

Welcome back home! How was your day? Let’s chat over some nice tea and snacks. While I get that ready, let me tell you about my latest maidcation! I have returned to the land of amusement and humidity, South Florida! Florida has so many unique groups, events, and performers that it rightfully so keeps its title of being the land of entertainment! This week, I went to visit the adorable pink and blue maids of Cafe Kira Hoshi. Right away, you are whisked away to the romantic night sky with the dazzling stars that are the maids and butlers. Let’s learn more about our favorite sparkling maids!

Could you please introduce yourself and where you are located?

Hello! We are Cafe Kira Hoshi, a maid and butler cafe from South Florida USA that aims to create exciting and fun events.
Our main focus is hosting in-person events at conventions, with a heavy focus on storytelling and performance through themes, and making sure our guests are having fun with us. 

What type of events do you attend?

We attend mainly anime conventions, but we have also hosted a pop-up event at a cafe before. During quarantine, we hosted an online meetup and had a lot of fun!

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Where did the name and theme come from? 

Originally, we were a cafe with eight members. Since we thought we would just be hosting a one-time event,  Maid Akarin thought up of the name Kira Hachi (sparkling 8). Once we started hosting more events and our little team started to grow, we changed our name to Kira Hoshi, an abbreviated version of Kira Kira Hoshi (Sparkling Star)!

Can you tell us about the uniform design?

Right now, our uniforms are pre-bought from a store.

However, creating new uniforms that are uniquely ours is a long term goal!

How many members do you currently have? Do you have both maids and butlers?

We currently have around 20 members. We do have both maids and butlers. 

What specifically inspired you to start a cafe?

We started off as a small group of friends in school with an idea, and it took off from there. Many years later, the heart of our cafe is still in the fact that we are all very close friends. 

What’s a fun memory that occurred during an event?

 This was honestly one of the hardest questions to answer. We have so many fun memories that it’s hard to narrow them down and pick. After talking about it, we came to the conclusion that as a whole we really love seeing guests who come to visit us throughout the years. It’s fun to see them grow, and we are always so happy to see that people like us enough to return. 

Do you have a favorite convention or event that you have been to?

Our group’s favorite convention is Metrocon in Tampa, Florida. We all travel up together and room together. It’s also our biggest con, so we try out new themes, work lots of events throughout the day, and then explore the con and hang out together in the evening. 

How is the group staying active during these tough times?

For the most part, we’ve been posting a bit on social media and hosting occasional Zoom cafe events. 

Internally though, we’ve been taking breaks to give everyone some space to focus on themselves and their families. That’s not to say we’re not keeping in contact with each other though! We’re still pretty active on our Discord chats. Occasionally, we’ll voice call each other or play online games together, like Animal Crossing or Jackbox TV. 

Will this be a first time venture into online content, or does the cafe have experience with live content?
We’re all pretty much beginners when it comes to online content! Some of the cafe members use social media like Instagram regularly, but the majority of the cafe does not have an online presence. 

Where can we find you online?
You can find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!
Cafe Kira Hoshi
Thank you so much for interviewing us! We look forward to seeing more online content from you and other maid cafes around the world during these trying times. Stay safe!


One of my favorite things about Cafe Kira Hoshi is their iconic ribbon dances! You seriously need to watch them, check out the linked performance! I am also a huge sucker for stars on anything, love the twinkling and glittering stars in the sky every night. Cafe Kira Hoshi is very cute and polished with a lovable theme and color scheme. They all have unique talents and personalities that shine through their social media presence. Cafe Kira Hoshi is definitely a group you want to see and keep coming back! Florida has so many cuties, I need to schedule more maidcations here, online and in real life (when it’s safer!) Anywho, our tea and snacks are waiting, so let’s dig in! Can’t wait to tell you about my next maidcation, until the next story!

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