Maid Marcy Interviews Cafe Peko Peko

Welcome home! I’m glad you have been wearing a mask and washing your hands, your health is very important to me! This week, your favorite orange Sumuji maid is traveling to Florida to meet Cafe Peko Peko! I’ve been a long time fan of Cafe Peko Peko for years, I’ve always loved their polish and presentation at their events. The phrase “Peko Peko” is the Japanese onomatopoeia for your stomach growling. Let’s satisfy our cravings from the sweet maids of Cafe Peko Peko!


Could you please introduce yourself and where you are located?

Hello~! My name is Aki and along with Kisa, we are the head maids of Café Peko Peko! We are a convention-based maid café located in the Central Florida area, specifically around Orlando, FL, that started back in June of 2011. We do our best to replicate the maid café experience to the best of our abilities within the convention setting. Café Peko Peko is inspired by the Japanese sub-culture of anime and with our Peko-style entertainment, we hope we are able to bring and share the maid café experience to you in the near future!


What type of events do you attend?

We, at Café Peko Peko, have most of our events at anime conventions such as Holiday Matsuri. In the past, we have done pop-ups at restaurants such as Chibi’s Boba to help celebrate their opening, anniversaries, and just Peko related events such as hosting a Valentine’s Day event.

Where did the name and theme come from?

Kisa and I went through a long list of potential names before deciding on our current name of Peko Peko. Peko Peko is a Japanese onomatopoeia for a grumbly, hungry stomach. We thought it suited a café theme best and are super happy with it!


Can you tell us about the uniform design?

We wanted to market ourselves as uniquely as possible! Though we love the classic black and white maid uniforms, there seems to be a heavy clash and implication that we could be French maids when we wanted to represent our inspiration of Japan more. We decided on a dark brown uniform dress with pink accents. Our default leggings are black cat tights and black cat ears that match with our logo which has a cat on it. Any of the Pekos are free to mix and match their uniforms, some of the current and past Peko’s themes were of devils, bears, and ducks, oh my  This color theme follows especially well with one of our other themes that we run in the cafe which is a school theme which consist of our Pekos wearing a dark brown skirt and pink “chocolate bar” patterned bows.


How many members do you currently have? Do you have both maids and butlers?

Café Peko Peko is a maid exclusive café, with no butlers. At the moment, CPP has 11 Pekos! We love to keep a very small group; it feels so much more personable that way! Our reoccurring guests feel the same way too, they have their favorite Peko(s) that they love to choose before being seated during one of our events. This also allowed us to create cute charms and merchandise of our small group of Pekos!


What specifically inspired you to start a cafe?

Kisa was the one to bring up the idea! She saw videos about maid cafes in Japan and fascinated about the culture and especially the uniforms. When she was bringing up the idea to me she said she also wanted to be this cute and wear fluffy skirts. It was from there that we decided that this was going to be a possibility and started to plan the café from therefore out. We submitted a panel request regarding our idea of bringing the maid café to life to several conventions and were eventually accepted to one of the conventions titled Knightrokon where we had our big debut!  



What’s a fun memory that occurred during an event?

There is always so much fun had in our events! Each and every one of our guests really brings something to the table that makes the experience fun for them, those around them, and even their designated Peko! One of our latest fun memories was from one of our events at Holiday Matsuri 2019. Aki, Kisa, and Misora were married off to some of our guests (Sora, Riku, and Deer Girl) with Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club as our marriage officiant. It was a very beautiful moment and if any of them are reading this, we send our loves from far away~~~


Do you have a favorite convention or event that you have been to?

Holiday Matsuri for sure has to be one of our favorite events. We’ve been hosting our café there for over five years now! We really believe it is the festive spirit that everyone shares really brings so much to everyone’s level of joys. The venue is also very pretty and has some very neat photo spots. If you are ever looking for a convention to come to in the state of Florida, we highly recommend this one!


How is the group staying active during these tough times?

We all have a group chat that allows us to communicate with each other and bring up any ideas. Though these tough times have slowed us down, most of our events were later in the year and some even pushed back a little further (November) so we feel confident that we’ll be able to run the café this year. Our only trouble as of lately has been trying to schedule our annual photoshoot which is normally within the first few months of the year. We are excited to officially announce our newest Pekos of the group to the world but we’re just waiting till we get the “OK” for the right time for this.


Will this be a first time venture into online content, or does the cafe have experience with live content?

I saw many other cafes who had events during these first few months move onto doing their café in an online format. I’m very impressed with how the cafes are being handled with these situations. However, I do not believe Café Peko Peko will be joining them in the online format unless one of our conventions do decide to move their convention online as well.


Where can we find you online?

Thank you for impressing your interest in Café Peko Peko! You can find us on most social media sites. Here are the links below:








It’s very refreshing to see a cafe that will be true to their roots and remain a cafe for guests to play and enjoy. They are an accomplished maid cafe with many years of experience of being moe and making smiles! I highly recommend you check out all of their social media, they post sugary sweet photos and content all year round. Since they’ve been around for quite a while, you can find plenty of Cafe Peko Peko antics on YouTube to relive the maid cafe experience from home! From one sunny state to another, thank you so much for telling us all about Cafe Peko Peko. Where will my next maidcation be? Maid Marcy signing out, don’t forget to grab your mask before leaving the door today! 

Be sure to check out more awesome content from Maid Marcy and the whole crew over at Sumuji Cafe by checking out their social media pages! FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

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