Maze Runner: The Death Cure Review! How Many Mazes Must They Run Through?!

Maze Runner: The Death Cure Review! How Many Mazes Must Be Run Through?!

Maze Runner is one of many dystopian young adult novels that turned into films. It seemed like everyone and their mother were showing off that teen romance in the face is misery and woe. The unique aspect of Maze Runner was that the world had been overrun with a plague that wiped out a majority of humanity. With those who still survived, they quarantined the sickness as best they could while also trying to find a cure. The best way they knew how was to place kids in an facility that they could live off of but was surrounded by a maze that had monsters and various traps. Long story short: They escaped and found out there was an evil organization by the name of WCKD who was behind the research.

In Maze Runner: The Death Cure the main protagonist, Thomas played by Dylan O’Brien, finds out his dear friend had been kidnapped by WCKD and is hellbent on getting him back. With the majority of the resistance set on leaving the land by sea and find a new home away from WCKD, he begins his adventure. Meanwhile WCKD is on the verge of finding a cure by any means necessary while also dealing with the fact that the plague is getting worse and worse.

The Good 

There were plenty of fight scenes that were entertaining. Various men in black storming the heroes with high tech equipment and military training, stealth missions on the verge of being caught, going from a bad situation and then finding out it is the worst situation. A lot of classic action tropes are to be found in the film. The story was surprisingly dark and unexpected, while many other young adult stories dip their toe into drama, Maze Runner: The Death Cure actually went many steps further by snatching hope away from the heroes multiple times. Their situation got worse and worse the more they got involved with out a whole lot of gain. I applaud the writer on having the courage to stick to their guns!

The Bad

There was never a point in the film where I was completely on the edge of my seat despite having a hefty amount of combat and drama. I think the major factor to this was plot armor. No matter how many bad guys the heroes faced, they shrugged it off without any worry. When certain characters were at the mercy of the villains, they would act out defiantly without any real punishment other than a slap on the wrist.

There were multiple set ups in the film where they tried to evoke sadness by showing you two characters who used to be in love or when certain characters passed away but it all felt shallow. You could tell exactly what was going to happen before it actually did and that took away a lot from the film. Which also is odd because the dark aspects of the film seem so out of left field that it is almost forced.


While the film is not perfect, it is entertaining and worthwhile if you are a fan of the Maze Runner series. There is action, suspense, big name stars, and so much more! If you are not a fan of the series, I’d recommend giving the other films a shot first since the movie has a lot of call backs and everything means so much more if you know what is going on. For more information, be sure to check out: Maze Runner: The Death Cure !


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