Miku Kohinata is making her big debut in Symphogear XD UNLIMITED!

Bushiroad Inc. and Pokelabo, Inc. are proud to announce that the global version of Symphogear XD UNLIMITED, the symphonic battle RPG based on the hit series Symphogear, which features voice actors such as Aoi Yuki and Nana Mizuki, is scheduled to get the original-story event, A Light That Pierces the Clouds, on March 30th, 2020 at 17:00 (JST) (March 29th, 2020 at 00:00 (PT)). Alongside this event, players will be seeing Miku Kohinata making her big debut as a playable character. Don’t miss out on seeing her app-original Symphogear in action in this brand new, original story!


Hibiki has been plagued by a streak of horrible nightmares.

She thought she could keep it a secret, but grew weaker and weaker by the day, until she finally broke.

Around that same time, the wielders are sent out to deal with an abnormality detected in a parallel world…

In which they encounter a Hibiki who is withdrawn, bitter, and fighting the Noise by herself.

The wielders come to understand that Hibiki’s debilitation stems from the parallel world’s Hibiki…

And that the only one who can save her is none other than her best friend, Miku Kohinata…

Miku Kohinata dons her Symphogear once more, this time of her own accord,

and heads to the other side to save Hibiki.


Event Details

Through battles, players can earn a special event item during the event period: Fried Ice Cream. Players can use their collected Fried Ice Cream to unlock new event quests and trade them for useful items in the shop.



Exchange Items

4★ Symphogear Card: Miku Kohinata – Flash

4★ Memoria Card: A Place to Call Home


In addition to this event, the following tracks have also been added to the game.

Miku Kohinata – Shénshòujìng, the Distorted Mirror

Miku Kohinata – Promise Of Eternal Love

Hibiki Tachibana – The Sound Called ‘Me’ Will Echo into the Future

Hibiki Tachibana, Tsubasa Kazanari, Chris Yukine, Maria Cadenzavna Eve, Shirabe Tsukuyomi, Kirika Akatsuki – Babel of Beginnings

In the A Light That Pierces the Clouds Event Gacha, players can find all new, game original Miku Kohinata Symphogear cards!


The 5★ Symphogear card, Miku Kohinata – Light of Dawn, restores HP for every enemy it defeats! Use the special attack, Light of Dawn, to wipe out multiple enemies at once, and recover a massive amount of HP! Players can also get their hands on the 5★ Memoria card, Operation: Fish, with its own original story!


Be sure to check the game to learn more!


Cards players may find…

5★ Symphogear Card: Miku Kohinata – Light of Dawn

5★ Symphogear Card: Hibiki Tachibana – Hibiki Style: Avidya Assault

5★ Memoria Card: Operation: Fish


Scheduled Event/Campaign Dates

3/30 17:00 – 4/30 13:59 (JST) (03/30 00:00 – 4/29 20:59 (PT))

Note: Free 11 Roll Gacha is from 3/31 00:00 – 4/06 13:59 (JST) (3/30 07:00 – 4/05 20:59 (PT)


About Symphogear XD UNLIMITED

Symphogear XD UNLIMITED is the official Symphonic Battle RPG based on the hit anime, Symphogear. The game features more than 100 original illustrations and character-specific songs accompanying thrilling fights, and will appeal to both current fans and fans-in-the-making.  


App Details

Title: Symphogear XD UNLIMITED

Genre: Symphonic Battle RPG

Planning / Production: Bushiroad Inc.

Music: Elements Garden

Development / Distribution: Pokelabo, Inc.

Release: February 14, 2020

Global Release Regions: United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, South Korea

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