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Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews: Punisher, Carmen Sandiego, Stranger Things

This week is another unintentionally themed week. Our topics all revolve around Netflix. We’ve got what’s assumed to be the beginning of the end for Jon Bernthal’s Punisher, an elusive blast from the past, and something to look forward to this 4th of July.

Punisher Season 2

YES! The most successful Marvel Netflix series (save for Daredevil, which is already cancelled) just dropped his season 2 teaser. And that teaser actually gives us quite a bombshell. [SPOILER ALERT] Billy Russo is alive and he’s shaping up to be the big bad for this season, as none other than Jigsaw! The sad part is, judging by what’s happened to all the others, it’s not going to matter how amazing this season does. We’re all expecting it to be almost immediately cancelled, as Marvel’s taking their IPs and going home. Will we get a third Punisher, under the Disney umbrella? We loved Thomas Jane and couldn’t see him being replaced, ever. Then, we got Bernthall. Now we can’t see him being replaced. Only time will tell.

Carmen Sandiego

Keeping in the recent theme of companies exploiting our nostalgia, and doing whatever they can to not think up something new and original, we’re served up another reboot. This time the latest victim is Carmen Sandiego. You remember that game, game show, and animated series from the 90s, right? Well, it’s back again, and now it’s an origin story for the super sleuth. At least it’s not a dark and gritty DC-esque reboot. It’s still an animated show, and it appears to still be tailored to a younger audience.

Stranger Things Season 3

Not much to say on this topic. You all know Stranger Things. Hopefully, you know the story thus far. We’ve gone Stranger Things-less for 2018, and we’re very much in need of a fix. They threw us a scrap, by dropping us a teaser that reveals nothing except the release date: July 4th, 2019. I don’t know about you, but if I was something from The Upside Down, the last town I’d be wanting to mess with is one with multiple children that can kill you with their mind and Hellboy for a sheriff. Clear your calendars, and forget the BBQs; I know what I’m going to be watching that night.

In Closing

What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you. Are you stoked for or disappointed in any of the above? Feel free to let us know in the comments, or on our social media! You can catch us on Twitter @bytesnbrews.

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