D&D Series: Conscripts of Johvanna Episode 1

New D&D Series: Conscripts of Johvanna

This may come as a huge surprise to you but we here at Geek Lyfe may love Dungeons and Dragons. We decided to take this passion and be productive with it by creating a series for it! I, Darth Mexican, decided to be the Dungeon Master for two of my friends: Robert Zoeller of Bytes n Brews and Carlos Urquidez from Photo Arcade and then throw them into one of my home brewed 5th Edition campaigns!

Their story takes place in a land dominated by Dwarven kingdoms and queendoms where all other races are treated as second or third class citizens. The heroes are conscripts for the most unstable of queens, Johvanna. On the eve of their release from conscription, life snatches them away, and throws them into the unknown. Now they fight just to survive. Along the way real life friends will join in their adventures for better or for worse for a single session each.

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The heroes of this tale are the mysterious hermit Typhin, the wooden armed Elven druid, and the wall of muscle and flesh, Raasch the hag kissed Human barbarian.

This first episode features Tony Pisano who is the second part of Bytes n Brews. His character is Goldendraak who is a Dragonborn barbarian who has also been conscripted by the military. Thought he may seem a lumbering brute, there still seems to be more than meets the eye. We are so excited to present you this series and hope you enjoy!

Episodes will be released every Tuesday and Thursday!

For more information on Bytes n Brews, they are a Let’s Play channel on YouTube that focuses on playing video games together while drinking. They dance between various games and constantly change up their content for the enjoyment of their fans. Robert and Tony are the main hosts and feature guests every so often. I highly recommend them!

Photo Arcade Photography are a group of two friends who have a passion for photography and often can be found on the convention floor taking photos of cosplayers or out in nature capturing various landscapes. Carlos and Mauro are fantastic photographers who are always looking for the next project to jump in on.

Be sure to check out Bytes n Brews at their YouTube channel for tons of great content! Also check out Photo Arcade for wonderful photography and thank you so much for checking us out at www.thegeeklyfe.com!

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