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Nostalgia: World of Warcraft pt 2

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Months had passed since months had passed since having my guild mates kill my friends. Since that time, not a single one of them had dared to touch me. Unfortunately, there had been a guild dispute which ended ugly, leaving the entire guild disbanded.

Me searching for a guild

At the time I was devastated, the only guild I knew had broken up leaving me alone and defenseless in the wilds. Before my friends knew of my plight, I began searching for a new guild to join. Being a Holy Paladin, I was widely sought after. One for being a healer and two for being a paladin which were still somewhat uncommon on the Horde.

Many guilds reached out and wanted me to come in and join them, however when talking to their recruiter I could tell that their group might not be for me. this was for various reasons. Although I appreciated the help my first guild offered, they were all sticks in the mud and I knew instantly that it was the last thing that I wanted. Joining a guild was a lot like joining a band, everyone has different skill sets and they come together to accomplish goals such as raiding and Arena events. I wanted a guild that I could be apart of and people would actually respond to my messages (A lot to ask, I know). I promised to give 100% of everything I had for whatever guild accepted me into their ranks and treated me with kindness.

This is the legendary Hesch in real life. Yes, I agree that he does look quite majestic.

That is when I saw an ad in trade chat for a guild called ‘Metalocalypse’ written by a player named ‘Hesch’. We chatted and he gave me the information about his guild and how they were as people. We actually were able to get a couple jokes in and I appreciated that. So I joined! Sure enough, I loved that guild to pieces.

Upon entry I found out that they were actually raiding the starting Burning Crusade raid: Karazhan but were lacking full time healers. When they found out I could cure a cut via holy light that I channeled by wiggling my fingers, they brought me on board. Having never raided before, a few members were skeptical of my presence who preferred to bring in a ‘Pug'(Another player not from the guild to step in for a night) rather than to give me a chance. Rightly so, I was still very new at my craft but nevertheless we went on into my first raid ever and my all time favorite: Karazhan.

I loved this raid so so much.

It was once a magical tower owned by one of the the most powerful sorcerers, Medivh. I could go into detail about the lore behind it for hours and hours, but I don’t want to bore you. Basically, the tower is now unstable and very much haunted. Players are assigned the task of cleaning it up so that it’s chaos does not affect anymore of the outside world.

We entered the raid and I was informed that the guild had defeated most of the bosses in the raid and had it ‘On farm’ which means it gave them little to no trouble to complete. Weeks passed and I began to gain more and more experience as well as gear. Thankfully, at the time I was the only Paladin in the raid so all gear for holy avengers like myself went directly to me. Although I was not the best raider in the world(Playing on a Mac laptop that got 12 fps on a good day, played on a mouse track and had not yet discovered the wonders of mouse over macros) I still showed up on time, farmed for materials that would create potions/flasks to help improve our raid’s overall damage output. I worked hard, was loyal and would do anything they asked of me.



Over time I saw the all of the bosses in Karazhan rise and fall to our might. One boss in particular, which was the final boss of the raid dropped a healing mace named: ‘Light’s Justice’. It looked frakking awesome as hell, it was so much better than my current healing weapon and I was the only one at the time who could use a mace.

Every raid we went into it never dropped(That is a lie it dropped a few times but every one of those times I had not been able to attend the raid.). On one night in particular the guild had been in search of another healer for our other healer wanted to gear his alternate character. Sure enough, they found him. He had been a paladin, his gear had been better than mine, right off the bat the invited him to the guild, talked him up to being in our core raid group.

Needless to say I was a bit hurt because the group never really treated me with much respect, other than Hesch, they really just tolerated me than appreciated me.

So he came into his first raid night with us and although he acted quite frakking rude, the officers treated him as though he were the president of the united states. We burned through bosses, I had more healing done than the new guy(To which he blamed lag. Again I played at 12 fps.) and we arrived at the final boss. We fought and fought and died and survived to see him fall.

File:Light's Justice.jpg


Then it happened. It fell. Light’s Justice dropped and I freaked out in happiness and joy.

Until I realized they had no intention of giving me the mace. I was whispered by an officer of our guild and told that ‘for the good of the guild’  they would be giving the new guy the mace to help the raid group as a whole to get better and promised me the next mace that dropped. I was hurt. But I agreed because I loved the guild so much.

They thanked me up and down and gave him the mace and the new guy thanked him. Everyone seemed ecstatic and chatted about bringing him on full time, which meant knocking me off. Again, hurt, but I understood. I went to bed feeling a bit betrayed that night.

The next day I signed on with renewed vigor and came to find that everyone was furious. Why? Because the new guy quit the guild for a better one.  I will not lie to you, I wore a thick, shining grin that entire night as they apologized to me up and down that they should have given it to me and officers that liked me told me that it was a stupid decision that would never happen again.

Moral of the story: Appreciate those loyal to you. Sure, they may not be the best but when the going gets tough they will have your back hell or high water.

Oh and I ended up getting the mace a few weeks down the line. 🙂


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Darth Mexican loves trying to help the community in any way he can. Marching for Black Lives Matter, attending rallies for LGBTQ rights, protesting what he feels hurts the common folk, and more! DeAngelo won't stop until the world is a better place!

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    My favorite game memory was meeting my boyfriend in an mmo, and traveling with him from one game to another.

    September 1, 2014
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    My favourite memory has to be staying up all night playing through Crash Bandicoot 3 with my brother. We were trying to beat it in one night as we didn’t have a memory cards!

    September 1, 2014
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