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Pawsonify: Adorable Nerdy Pet Collars and Accessories!

Pawsonify model Shimi in Star Guardian Jinx collar
Sailor Moon themed pet collars

Sailor Moon themed pet collars!

I love my cat, probably too much, but I’m not alone in my generation. A lot of us are treating our pets more like children, which means, of course, we want to buy all the cute things for them. Enter Pawsonify! Vensy, who comes from a background of prop and cosplay making, began making adorable nerd-themed pet collars in 2018. Each collar is handmade, but that doesn’t stop the entire process from being incredibly professional. The website, packaging, and order process for getting one of these lovely creations is so streamlined, you’d have no idea it was run by just one person!

Shimi, Pawsonify model, attacking Teemo plush

I’d get my cat one of these, but I’m worried he’d cuddle it instead of murdering it, like Teemo deserves.

Pawsonify has a range of anime themed collars, including Sailor Moon, My Hero Academia, and Naruto! There are also plenty of video game themed collars with a few Overwatch, League of Legends, Legend of Zelda, Fortnite, and World of Warcraft Horde and Alliance collars. You may be thinking, “Ugh, but they’re handmade, so they’re going to be so overpriced.” Wrong! All of the collars range from just $15-25! Depending on the style, they come with cute little charms, bells (which can be added or removed at your request!), and breakaway buckles to keep your cats safe. They come in a wide variety of sizes so they’ll fit fur babies of any size.

Beemo Cat Costume/Cosplay

Shimi, the official model for Pawsonify, is a much better model than my own cat.

In addition to collars, Pawsonify offers a few pet accessories and cosplays. There’s a cute Beemo costume from League of Legends, and a Teemo squeaky plush toy currently available. There are tons of new products on the way too! A lot of the work done for these products is live streamed on Vensy’s Twitch channel. I was able to watch the Horde collar I ordered get made, and her stream audience gets a preview of the new products before they are available for sale.

If you want to purchase one of these amazing collars, be sure to set up an account first and use this referral link to get a 15% off coupon. There’s a point system set up on the site to reward customers for multiple purchases, and with all the exciting stuff still to come, you don’t want to miss out! If you’d rather see them in person before you buy, Pawsonify will be at C2E2, Momocon, Anime Expo, and Rose City Comic Con, and possibly even more conventions! Follow Pawsonify on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for all the latest product and sale information, and follow Vensy on Twitch to get a sneak peek at the creation of brand new products. 

Drek in a Horde cat collar


This is not a paid promotion. I just really love Vensy and these collars. Go buy her stuff. 

Cosplayer, gamer, streamer, procrastinator. Raid leader of the official Geek Lyfe World of Warcraft guild, Emerald Templars on Wyrmrest Accord.

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