PS4 Surprise Update: Free Upgrade to PlayStation 5 Games Is Coming On

Great news has been released by Sony to PS4 gamers that are interested in upgrading to the PlayStation 5 console this week.

With the announcement of the PS5, we already knew we’d be able to enjoy backwards compatible games, which has gone down a treat with fans across the world. The full list of titles has yet to be announced but games like CS:GO have been rumoured. Along with the fact that we’ll have a fully updated web browser on the PS5, fans of games like jackpot can try their hand at sites like to play CSGO jackpot online, which is a nice touch.

The launch of the PlayStation 5 is slated to take place in the coming months. With the revelation of initial images and specifications of the console and some new titles, PS4 gamers have been in huge anticipation. However, this week, something great happened to them. They were stunned with the news of the release of future PS4 games that will benefit from the new console.

The news is already out there that PS4, PC, and Xbox One would be getting Marvel’s Avengers by the 4th of September 2020. The size of the new adventure is still unknown, though Crystal Dynamics had planned for it to be a long term affair. 

The meaning of this is that the expansions, new story content, and the playable characters would be numerous. However, some of the PS4 players may not regard buying another title just a few weeks before the arrival of the PlayStation 5 as something worthwhile. But the truth is that nobody is sure of the exact date that the PS5 would be here, though speculations are that it would be launched between October and December 2020.

However, Crystal Dynamics announced this week that upon the launch of the PS5, people can play Marvel’s Avengers on it from the onset. So, gamers who decide to purchase the title on their PS4, will still enjoy the chance to continue the adventure if they were to upgrade to the new console. When you buy Marvel’s Avengers either on disc or digitally on PS4, and upgrade to PS5 on a later date, the PS5 version of the title and the entire enhancements that it comes with will be given to you at no extra cost. Based on the information available, the Marvel’s Avengers experience that Crystal Dynamics would be delivering on PS5 will be better.

This week, they released a message that opened up on what players should expect. For them, gamers are always interested in seeing the highest amount of power invested in the pursuit of extra graphics features, so that the highest image quality would be achieved. Because of this desire by all players, the graphics mode that Marvel’s Avengers would be offering in the PS5 will be an advanced type. It will come with a dynamic 4K resolution that targets 60 FPS. They also went ahead to say that there are exciting improvements on the CPU and GPU of the PS5. Nonetheless, the feature that holds more promise and excitement is the lightning fast load speeds induced by the ultra-high speed SSD that is being introduced in the PS5 too. This improvement will be very transformative in consoles, because load times would be greatly reduced to just one or two seconds and real time streaming of massive worlds will now happen at speeds that could only be described as ridiculously fast. Can you beat that?

Going further, the Crystal Dynamics message continued by revealing that at the absence of any form of optimization work, there is an order of magnitude improvement on the streaming and loading of Marvel’s Avengers on PS5. However, when they complete the optimization work, content will now be loaded instantly, and this will give players the chance to get on missions in any part of the world. Also, while content-rich levels are achieved by the iron man, instant streaming would be achieved by mesh and higher resolution textures, ensuring that top notch quality is maintained all through till the horizon. 

There is also amazing news for gamers that would want to engage in an upgrade. This is because they will come to terms with the fact that Marvel’s Avengers players that move consoles can take their friends along. PS5 gamers who wish, could enjoy Marvel’s Avengers games online with their PS4 gamers’ counterparts. So, no upgrades will stop anyone from playing games with their friends on any of the platforms.

Crystal Dynamics is expected to release more information about the PS5 release of Marvel’s Avengers in the weeks to come. So, enthusiasts, gamers, and interested parties should stay tuned, so as to be properly informed when they do.

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