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Review: Alcon


Review: Alcon

Hey friends! The Geek Lyfe got the chance to attend Alcon 2016, their 10th anniversary and we wanted to give our thoughts on this awesome event! For any of our US readers, Alcon is AnimeLeague Convention which takes place every year in the UK. The convention lasted four days and we actually had a writer attend, she said she had an absolute blast! These were her thoughts!


The crew and the venue staff were always helpful when approached about questions or concerns. This made the convention so much more enjoyable due to the simple fact that folks always knew
they could find help by talking with the staff with things as small as the time of events to needing actual help with something. They were on the ball and who ever hired them should bring them back the next year! Thank you so much for being amazing, Alcon staff! Also, conventions goers were given a mini conbook that gave them a wealth of information about the event, the times, which guests would be where, and so much more! This assisted Alcon attendees with getting to where they needed to be with with little to no trouble at all! It’s a wonderful idea that should be repeated in future years to come.


Alcon had a great line up of both performing artist, cosplayers and headlining guests as well! Starting off with the headliners, Jessica Calvello, who is a incredibly talented voice actress who has dubbed a number of major Anime titles was at Alcon along with Brentalfloss who is a comedian, musician, and gamer! For cosplay, they had some pretty dope folks such as Cyanide Kisses, Widdle Wade, Kelly Jane, Teal Pirate and so much more!

Every one of them brought some incredible costumes to Alcon for fans, both new and old to see!


Alcon was chalk full of events to partake in from simply watching anime to attending a Cosplay Burlesque show! They pulled out all the stops for this 4 day event and it made me jealous that I was unable to attend! If sitting down wasn’t your style, they had live bands like Jollyboat, Fighting Evil is CoolEsprit D’Air and more! The event that really caught our writer’s eye was the Cosplay Masquerade!

While the masquerade itself was a blast and filled with a lot of wonderful folks who displayed their hard work and talent in full glory, there were some recommendations for next year. Prejudging in some form would help the judges quite a bit that way judges already have the list of names, costumes, reference photos of the cosplay that might not have been seen on stage. It was a bit of a struggle to watch the cosplayer on stage, quickly write down their name, and then comment on their costume before the next person came on.


Despite the walk, our writer liked the Watershed as the venue for the ball and masquerade! Especially with the seating, even if things got a bit hot there, the location was spot on for everything. Location is always such a huge factor for making a convention, so it’s great they picked an awesome spot such as that one!

There were some comments on the location by our writer, she commented that Liberty Park was a bit loud at night. Every now and then things would quiet down a bit but would eventually return to the distracting amounts of noise. She is unsure of what could be done to resolve this issue but she wanted to voice this concern just so that the organizers were made aware!



You can really tell that the show runners for Alcon really put their heart and soul into the convention because there were a lot of aspects that were amazing! Our writer seriously appreciated everything the staff did to put on such a great convention and hopes that the same folks are left in charge to replicate of great it was! I personally hope that some day I’ll be able to attend! But for now, I’ll simply look at the photos we gathered and be jealous!

Photos are by DemoraFairy Photography ! She is a wicked talented photography based in the UK, if you have costumes that you want captured in wonderful photos, she is your woman!

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