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Say It Aint So: Adventure Time Ending In 2018


Say It Aint So: Adventure Time Ending In 2018

A show near and dear to many of our hearts, Adventure Time is set to end in 2018. Cartoon Network revealed that the award winning show will finish after eight years. Although this news is sad, we can at least take refuge in the fact it will continue with many more episodes until it’s ninth season, giving the creators a chance to properly close the show.

For those unfamiliar with Adventure Time, it’s a show about a magical land called Ooo that is revealed to actually be a post apocalyptic Earth. The main characters are Finn, a human boy and his magical dog, Jake. Together they travel the land and embark on one misadventure to another. It feels very much like a series of D&D tales put together which makes for an incredible time, especially with it’s witty humor!

I feel as though Adventure Time really paved the way for the other amazing shows many fans also revere and enjoy such as Steven Universe, Clarence, Over The Garden Wall, and so many others. It was one of the first shows to add a certain kind of adult charm to a show that looks as if it were meant for young ones.

As I said before, while I am a huge fan of Adventure time and the many seasons we’ve been given I am sad to hear it is coming to an end within the next couple years. I am excited to see what new adventures Finn and Jake tackle next and am eagerly anticipating their big series finale!

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