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SUPERGIRL: Extended Trailer


SUPERGIRL: Extended Trailer

Released by CBS was an extended trailer, a six minute and thirty seven second trailer to be exact! It gives us a snap shot of what the series will be about. We find Kara as a 24 year old working for a media mogul who attempts to help National City out by using her abilities to avert disasters and stop crime.

From what we can tell in these 6  minutes, the writers seem to be steering her in a bubbly, lovable direction. Which is not a bad thing at all…unless they fail at making her lovable and bubbly. A lot of jokes were thrown around in the trailer, a lot of potential romantic interests(Including the ‘I’m interested in you but you see me as a best friend.’ trope) and tons of action.

The good things about the series seems to be that it’s light hearted, focused on powerful women, more story than just she has powers and stops crime and the actress seems great and looks great in the suit. Her supporting characters seem intriguing to a point and there seems to be a lot of effects.

The bad things about the series seems to be that that they are looking to go the bubble gum route rather than a realistic route. From the cast being composed of good looking people left, right and center without a single average Joe raises a red flag. They casted Jimmy Olsen as an African American which is a great start but he seems to be one of only two colored actors on the show. Personally, I would have loved to see them be a bit more diverse. From those six minutes we see her reveal her identity at least four people. Granted Supergirl does not where a mask, but it’s already so fast for them to learn of who she is. Flash had no choice but to reveal his identity and Arrow slowly let people into the inner circle, which felt somewhat organic. But telling everyone who she is ruins the drama a bit, then again, it seems to be going in afun direction so perhaps that does not really matter.

Overall, I am very interested in watching Supergirl when it comes out for the fact that it’s a female superhero getting the spotlight. I hope they start the show awkward and bubbly and then end by her being a bit more gritty and mature.

DeAngelo Murillo aka Darth Mexican loves trying to help the community in any way he can. Marching for Black Lives Matter, attending rallies for LGBTQ rights, protesting what he feels hurts the common folk, and more! DeAngelo won't stop until the world is a better place!

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