The ABCs of Arizona Cosplay Vol 1

Q Ki

A is for Amberskies, wonderful, and so creative! My, oh my! We tell no lies!


B is for Brookemelia, always is so kind and helpful that it is surreal…lia!


C is for Cheshsmiles, always one for mischief and fun with her guile!

D is for Darth Mexican, who is only here because I couldn’t find anyone else. *cough*

E is for Eevee Chan, who is such a superb Anime fan!

F is for Frank and Nats Armory, such a sweet couple that displays such harmony! (Close enough)

G is for Game2Hype, who is so good at fighting games that all his friends have a gripe!

Heartless Aquarius

H is for Heartless Aquarius, who is curious and marvelous and everything but nefarious!

Its Raining Ne0n

I is for Its Raining Ne0n, who is charming and charismatic but after a hard day’s work, she can’t help but yawn.

Jessica Nigri

J is for Jessica Nigri, who is incredible, iconic, and we can all agree!


K is for Khainsaw, who is so talented that you can’t help but drop your jaw!

Power Girl

L is for Lvcky Diamond, who is a sublime homie time and again!

Zarbon - Dragon Ball Z

M is for Mucho Muncho, who is always down to hang out that is it is fun, yo! She’ll discuss all of the finer things in like like K-Pop and Anime all over lunch, didn’t you know?

Naomi Moonz

N is for Naomi Moonz, who signs the sweetest DBZ tunes! Any time any one tries to challenge her knowledge on DBZ, she makes them look like a loon!

On Pins and Needles

O is for On Pins and Needles, who is short yet mighty, fierce, and anything but feeble!

Pretend Princess

P is for Pretend Princess, who is so fantastic that we are compelled to confess! She is simply the best!

Q Ki

Q is for Q-Ki, who is always so filled with glee! She is always quite kind to me!

Rosanna Rocha

R is for Rosanna Rocha, whose single act of kindness years ago helped spawn The Geek Lyfe. Oh, uhhh, Locha!


S is for Schrei205, who is so smart that she can’t help but thrive!


T is for Tidesiren, who is superb at hustling that she’ll have all the monies to retire in!

U is for Ubetaiyaki, who is so awesome we must toast to her with sake!

V is for Viridis, who works with animals and we can’t help but be in a sheer state of bliss!

Wonder Woman

W is for Wonder Woman, who is cosplayed by many young girls and gals which inspires them to bring the thunder when they grow up!

X is for Xostart, who is smart, has a great big heart, and is so fantastic it can not be contained on a single chart!

Y is for Yotsu, who is the most-su!

Z is for Zorua Darkangel, who is pretty swell! You can hear very well fall under a spell when they cosplay for it is so good some claim to hear the sound of bells when they walk by.

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