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The Flash: The Man Who Saved Central City Review

In a flash

The Flash: The Man Who Saved Central City Review

Damn does it ever feel good to be back in Central City with Team Flash. After the stellar first season ended, a giant nerdy void was left in my life on Tuesdays. Now the Scarlet Speedster returns for his season 2 premiere…CHECK IT!


Season 2 kicks off 6 months after the end of the previous season, where Central City had a portal open above it causing mass destruction.  It turns out that The Flash did end up closing the portal with the help of Firestorm.  So why are we opening with Barry taking on the troubles of Central City without the help of Team Flash?   The downside of Firestorm coming to the aid of the city is that Ronnie Raymond has fallen to his apparent death (yeah right)  when Barry was only able to save Dr. Stein. Now Caitlin Snow was married for five minutes before being widowed in a flash (*rim shot*). The guilt of Barry has him pushing his teammates away, but we can’t have that mellow drama go for too long before we have a new monster enter the fray.

It just so happens to be the official Flash Day in Central City celebrating their savior by presenting the Scarlet Speedster with a key to the city. The ceremony doesn’t last long however, when Atom Smasher shows up to wreck the party. I wasn’t a huge fan of this villain of the week; he looked like Bane from Batman and Robin…His transformation effects are also similar to the ones used in that disastrous film.  The concept was great, I just wasn’t HUGE on the execution (so many puns in this review). Atom Smasher poses too BIG of a threat, so naturally we have to get the band back together. Once the newly reformed Team Flash takes down the baddie, we learn he was sent here by a mystery man known by Zoom, which has me nergasming at the thought of seeing Professor Zoom.


But..but….it’s Flash day!!

Outside of the A story this week, we got some other notable gems. A “Flash Signal” is used to get the attention of Atom Smasher. Cisco got the idea from a comic book…in the most unsubtle Batman theft of the series (which is fine, Arrow does it every week). My favorite point of the night comes when Barry receives a video message from Dr. Wells from beyond the grave, confessing for the murder of Barry’s mom and consequently freeing Henry Allen from prison, only to have the plot friendly idea to leave Central City not to distract Barry. Every time the Allen’s interact it brings me to the point of tears, and I now feel like I wont have to worry about that happening anymore at this point. Also Barry has now inherited S.T.A.R. Labs. I guess Wells really did love Barry. I’m sure we’ll see him again soon (Zoom?).

The premiere caps off with the much hyped about appearance of one Jay Garrick aka The Original Flash.  Knowing that this was going to happen all summer made the fact that this reveal was the big stinger was a little disappointing. But I sure am excited to see what happens when The Flash of two worlds collide.

 What were your thoughts on the premiere? Let us know in the comments section!

Mr. Cinester is a local film maker straight out of Arizona. He watches an absurd amount of television and films.

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