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The Journey to Wonder Con in the 2018 Toyota Rav4 Adventure!

Hey everyone, Deegan Marie here! I want to start this off by giving a HUGE thank you to Toyota USA for helping our team get to Wondercon this year! They blessed us and lent us a brand

new 2018 Rav4 Adventure for the weekend we traveled to and from Wonder Con with our friends Cheshsmiles, Pretend Princess, and Game2hype!


Our trek started in Mesa, Arizona and ended in Anaheim, California. With it having an average of 26 MPG, the cost of fuel was not bad at all for an SUV. It also had an Eco feature which helped with cost as well. I am so gracious we had this vehicle as there was an incredible amount of room! We had a very full car with 4 passengers total, all of which were cosplayers so we were traveling with costumes!

The driver’s seat had an amazing adjustable lumbar support which was nice to have for long drives. The radio system had Bluetooth, aux cord input, and USB input. The USB was amazing for when one of us had a dying phone or wanted to play different music. The car had the capability to announce texts to you via Bluetooth to reduce the amount of phone usage while driving. A safety feature that is super great, especially for families, is the seat belt alert. Mid way back home one of the passengers un-clicked their seat belt to grab something in the back and the car immediately alerted me.

The most amazing feature of this car was one that I couldn’t decide if I loved it or hated it! The feature was the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. When I first set the cruise control at 70 everything was smooth. Then I looked down at my speedometer and and was confused as to why I was now going 63. My cruise control said it was set to 70 yet I was going so slow! I later was pushing buttons and realized there is a setting for you to change how close the Rav4 gets to a car before it automatically slows down so you don’t get too close to the car in front of you. It truly is a great feature for safety, however you can’t turn it all the way off. You have 3 options for distance and that’s it. Very nice feature to have!

This vehicle really made our trip so much more enjoyable. Had we not gotten the 2018 Rav4 Adventure, we would have had to decrease the amount of luggage we took and been crammed in one of our small cars. If you are in the market for a good sized SUV with great features and comfort, I highly suggest you make your way to a Toyota dealership and test drive one of these today!

Deegan came to Geek Lyfe the same way Gandalf did: Humble, kind, talented, yet a total badass all at the same time. She is an experienced commercial photographer who has put an immense amount of time, energy, and money into her craft. Every photo she takes shows off just how much she has learned over the years and despite being incredible, she still makes time to help out Geek Lyfe with conventions! Check out more of Deegan

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