The Longest Running Anime Television Series of All Time

According to the website Animation Trend, the Japanese animation industry saw a huge increase during 2020 due to a sudden growth of worldwide interest in UI and animation. While the new Tokyo Babylon is expected to be a hit in 2021, it’s the Japanese classics that really deserve some attention. The first Japanese Anime came out in 1917, and ever since then a lot of people have developed a predilection for watching it. The anime industry has rapidly grown over the last few years. Anime films and TV series are enjoying worldwide attention with fans increasing every day as people who are not acquainted with the Japanese language now have the option of enjoying anime with English dubs or subtitles.

Thanks to fans around the world, some anime has managed to run for a very long time before coming to an end. A typical example is Naruto, the first series ended with almost 300 episodes and the next with 500 episodes. The sequel “Boruto” now on air seems to be going on the same track.

However, there are some Anime episodes count can be intimidating and exciting at the same time. Here is the countdown of some of the top longest anime series of all time.

#1 Sazae-san


First Airing – October 5, 1969


Episodes- 2,500+ episodes


Status – Currently in production


Sazae-san tops the list of longest-running anime series in history. Having more than 25000 episodes so far and about 7500+ segments, Sazae-san holds the Guinness World Book of record for being the longest-running animated TV series in the world.


The Anime revolves around the story of Sazae-san and her large dynamic family that included her husband, son, parents, and siblings. Sazae is a very liberated woman with feminist and radical thinking that portrays her as a very strong woman instead of the socially acceptable meek housewife. In the early part of the series, Sazae is usually seen pushing around her husband. The neighbors, who believe the man, should be the head of the family did not like this.


Unlike the typical adventure, action, magic, or fantasy-themed anime series, this anime comedy series brought out the reality of traditional Japanese society during a much simpler time before modern technology.


#2 Nintama Rantarō


First Airing – April 10, 1993


Episodes – 2,245+ Episodes


Status – Currently in production


Nintama Rantarō is the second longest-running anime series of all time with 23 seasons featuring more than 2000 episodes. It is an adaptation of a manga series titled Rakudai Ninja Rantarō, created and illustrated by Sobe Amako.


Nintama Rantarō centers on Rantarō Inadera, a bespectacled first-grade boy who aims to one day become an excellent ninja. The anime followed the story of Rantarō and his two best friends as they go about their lives attending an academy for young aspiring ninjas. As they start their training, they begin to experience troubles in learning the school and in life. This action-comedy series with its funny plot and interesting characters makes for a great watch for families.


#3 Ojarumaru


First Airing – October 5, 1998


Episodes – 1857


Status – Currently in production 


With about 1857 episodes Ojarumaru made our list as the third longest-running Japanese anime series of all time with the prospect of more episodes as it is still in production.


The anime centers on the story of Ojarumaru Sakanoue. 5-year-old Ojarumaru is a Heian-era prince from 1000 years ago, who accidentally time-traveled to present-day Japan. Before he got time-warped into the new world, Great King Enma of the Enma world was chasing Ojarumaru to get back the powerful scepter that Ojarumaru stole. The series follows Ojarumaru’s many adventures in the Moonlight Town while dodging the Oni Child Trio that the Great King Enma sent after him to retrieve his scepter and other dangers.


The anime has been dubbed in many languages, making it gain immense popularity throughout Asia and many other parts of the world.


#4 Oyako Club


First Airing – October 3, 1994


Episodes – 1,818 Episodes


Status – Finished broadcasting on March 30, 2013 


With 1818 episodes produced, Oyako Club bagged the fourth position in the list of longest-running anime. Oyako Club (which literally means Parent and Child Club) anime is a slice of life series portraying the sometimes crazy, but loving, relationships that exist between family members. The anime tells the story of two aliens (Rompa and Lun) and the human family that accepts them into their family. This family sitcom details the humorous heartwarming interactions between Rompa and Lun and their human family.


#5 Doraemon


First Airing – April 2, 1979


Episodes – 1,787 Episodes


Status – Finished broadcasting on March 18, 2005


The anime that made our list as the fifth longest-running anime series of all time is Doraemon with its 1,787 episodes. This anime is a family comedy Tv series developed by Fujiko F. Fujio based on the same-titled manga series. The series is the successor of the 1973 Doraemon.


Doraemon series centers on a robot cat named Doraemon who uses his high-tech gadgets to help out a struggling Nobita Nobi with his everyday life. Nobita will use Doraemon’s high-tech gadgets to try and impress Shizuka and humiliate his bullies.


The series was succeeded by 2005 Doraemon, which is still currently in production. Many dubbed Doraemon movies from the story have been produced and widely in many countries around the world.

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