The Secrets of Effective Internet Product Marketing

Millions of products are being marketed on the internet at any one time, and the range of potential avenues for online product promotion is simply huge. Whether it’s a marketplace site offering vendors the chance to add their own stock and promote it or a large, real-world corporation buying up internet advertising space to push their in-store ranges, the options are varied. What exactly does an effective online product marketing campaign look like? What are the hallmarks of a campaign that does its job well, and what pitfalls are best avoided? Here is a look at the choices that are available to an online marketer looking to push products.

Paid Advertising

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For those with large budgets, paid advertising is often a good route to consider. However, paid advertising for e-commerce sites is not nearly as simple as just adding some parameters, paying up and then watching the leads come in. You’ll need to choose your preferred advertising destination, for example, and you’ll probably also have to run split tests to find the perfect copy, image and other factors.

You’ll also need to choose how you’d like to be charged for your advertising, and each available format has its advantages and disadvantages. CPM, or cost per mille, lets you pay a fee for every 1,000 people who see your ad – but you could end up losing out as you may spend money without getting many clicks. Cost per click means you’ll pay each time someone clicks on your ad, but it can take work; for product sellers, good Amazon CPC rates often require a little campaign tweaking in order to get them to a healthy, conversion-friendly level.

The Organic Route

For those who don’t have the type of budget that allows for ad spending, the organic route (which is any marketing route that allows you to promote your product without having to spend money on it) is an option. You may, for example, want to research what keywords in your niche potential buyers are searching for and then optimize your product descriptions to reflect this search demand. You might also set up social media groups related to your product and attract users with giveaways or competitions.

Testing and Experimentation

No matter what approach you choose, it’s likely that you’ll need to spend some time, resources and energy testing your product ads. It’s almost impossible to get your ads right the first time, and product ad campaigns are evolving processes that require some early results in order to spark ideas for the future. For that reason, working with professionals who have been through the product marketing process before is often a smart move.

Product marketing is difficult at the best of times, and when it comes to the online world, there’s a unique set of challenges to overcome. Thankfully, there are ways to defeat the problems you encounter. By considering both paid and organic marketing methods and ensuring that you test and experiment your way to success, you’ll be able to give yourself the highest chance of a successful internet product marketing campaign.


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