Top 5 list of awesome LGBT characters!


Top 5 list of awesome LGBT characters!

With the announcement that same sex marriage is now legal across the entire United States of America, we thought it’d be fun to give some love to our favorite LGBT characters in the geek universe! There are plenty of amazing characters out there but for now, here is our top 5!

5. Aniki – Akame Ga Killtumblr_n9xuusTnwv1tii68ro1_500

Akame Ga Kill is an Anime focused on overthrowing a corrupt government by use of force and the power of friendship! It tends to lean more on the side of the brutal action scenes that leave a trail of bodies, both good guys and bad. In this series is an awesome pompadour wearing, giant warrior whose able to throw down with the best of them is Bulat. From the very first interaction the viewer is informed that he enjoys the company of men far more than women and then makes it his mission to seduce the main character. One of the many reasons he is on our list is because he may be gay, but the writers gave him none of the stereotypes that often are slapped onto LGBT characters written into stories. Bulat is strong, wise, capable, loving, and all around an awesome guy!

4. Ray – Archer

Need we say more? He is amazing. xD


3. Emperio – One Piece

wCC5This character came out of left field when I was addicted to One Piece and binged watched entire seasons during college. Emperio is introduced during an adventure where the main character finds himself stuck in a maximum security prison. He meets Emperio, an extremely powerful pirate whose powers force others to recognize their inner feelings about sexuality and often making his enemies embrace their inner feelings causing them to drop their weapons to party and drink with Emperio and friends. At first I was turned off because of just how blatantly drag queen Emperio was, from the fish net stocking, to the giant eye liner, heels, lipstick etc.(Then again, they do make all of their characters over the top xD) However, after only a few episodes I immediately grew to love Emperio as his heart was always in the right place, he allied with Luffy and used his insane powers for the good of Pirate kind. Also one of his strongest attacks is simply winking at enemies and causing explosions.

2. The Crystal Gems – Steven Universe

Let me start off by saying I am a huge Steven universe fanboy who loves every aspect of the show. Let me follow this up with acknowledging that from the lore of SU, we know that the gems are actually asexual beings like Toad from the Nintendo universe where they do not actually have a gender but simply take the appearance of a gender, in this case it is females.  The creators of the show did an amazing job writing incredible LGBT positive stories for a children’s show while still pleasing conservative families.

But let’s be honest, Pearl is in lesbians with Rose and Garnet is forged from the undying love of Sapphire and Ruby. Every character is written amazingly well to the point where who they love is so minor because of how robust their characters are. If you’ve never seen Steven Universe, I highly recommend it as it will make you feel feels before turning around and laughing non stop.

1. Korra and Asami – Legend of Korra

Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of my all time favorite series, so it should come as no surprise that Legend of Korra is also a huge favorite of mine as it focuses on the new Avatar, Korra, and her adventures to keep the balance between the spirit world and the regular world. During the show, Korra and her friend Asami go through a series of phases where they date the same guy on and off again until finally moving aside the guy and hanging out with one another. Only in hushed whispers did we hear that Korra and Asami were more than friends but because it was a Nickelodeon show who tries their best to be safe when it comes to social issues, we chose to look the other way. And then the ending for season 4 came and made all of our dreams come true by having Korra and Asami decide to leave the world behind for a while to focus on spending time with one another. Although they do not share in a kiss, they hand hold, look longingly into one another’s eyes and smile deeply. Plus the show runners confirmed their relationship. It shook the geek community to it’s core and many responded in very positive ways to their relationship. (Tumblr is filled with fanfic)

That was our list of 5 awesome LGBT characters in the geek universe! 😀 What did you think? Who were your favorite?

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