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Tourmaline bracelets can also pick your own favourite color strings

The tourmaline bracelet, as its name suggests, is a bracelet made of tourmaline, which is one of the tourmaline jewelry. Due to the colorful color of tourmaline, the tourmaline bracelet for your girlfriend is also colorful, and according to different color combinations, it can be divided into five categories: monochrome beading, colorful beading, rainbow beading, candy beading, and personality beading. Below, we will introduce the stringing method of these five types of tourmaline bracelets.

Monochrome beaded tourmaline bracelet

  It refers to a tourmaline bracelet made up of only one color of tourmaline beads, such as a green tourmaline bracelet, a red tourmaline bracelet, a white tourmaline bracelet, a black tourmaline bracelet, and so on. The monochrome tourmaline bracelet is one of the rarest of all tourmaline custom name bracelets and is very collectible.

Colorful beaded tourmaline bracelet

  It refers to the tourmaline name bracelet of various colors of tourmaline beads that are arranged in a series of colors. It is the most common type on the market and has been loved by quite a lot of female and male friends.

Rainbow Beaded Tourmaline Bracelet

  According to the color transition sequence, the tourmaline beads are strictly arranged, and finally, the whole bracelet is like a seven-color rainbow-like beautiful jade bracelet, that is, rainbow beading. This kind of beading has extremely high requirements on the color of the beads, and the stringing is difficult. The rainbow beading of small particles is more, and the rainbow beading of 10mm diameter or more is rare.

Candy Beaded Tourmaline Bracelet

  It refers to an infinity bracelet made of a series of tourmaline beads with red, green and blue primary colors as the main body. Among the tourmalines, red, green and blue are more precious, and string beading is more demanding on beads than rainbow beading. Of course, candy beading is more aesthetically pleasing and as lovable as candy.

Personalized beaded tourmaline bracelet

  Refers to the tourmaline bracelet designed and customized according to the customer’s individual requirements. This type of tourmaline name bracelet is very popular abroad. In recent years, the domestic tourmaline customization market has become increasingly popular.

  Well, the above is the introduction of the five types of tourmaline bracelets.

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