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We Interview the Most Wholesome D&D Podcast: The Dice Girls

I have delved deep into Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition podcasts recently, and have fallen in love with many of them! During my search I came across The Dice Girls. After consuming the first couple episodes, I immediately became enamored with this band of misfits. I am so used to the normal tales of drinking, sleeping with women, epic battles, and grizzled adventurers. So it took me off guard to listen to a group of heroes who almost died in their first combat, and many combats afterwards. Not only that, but it’s done in such a charming way.

They’re a solid group of friends exploring D&D together, for the first time, and their fun is so genuine and sweet. They constantly think of unorthodox solutions to problems that always results in side splitting scenes. Bex, their Dungeon Master does a great job of keeping the group on track with the plot, while still trying to improv ways to match their overwhelming creativity.

The other aspect that I wholeheartedly enjoy about their production is that it’s made for fans, by fans. They promote other podcasts all the time and even during actual sessions they will say lines like, “I heard a character on Dungeons & Blaggards use this spell, and I realized that I had it! Now I wanna use it because they used it in such a cool way!” There is such a pure, wholesome aura about The Dice Girls and it just makes me so happy.

Please, enjoy our interview with the crew!

The Geek Lyfe: Although I am a huge fan of your work, there may be readers out there that have never heard of you! Could you introduce yourselves?

Bex, DM of the Dice Girls: Sure! As a group, we are The Dice Girls — we’re 4 ladies who, before this podcast, had never played D&D before. So, we decided to learn together, and document all the silliness and shenanigans that happen along the way. I’m Becca (aka Bex), and I’m our DM.

Kim: My name is Kim, and I play Triggus Garganath, a Triton Bard. It’s his first time on land so he’s
confused about pretty much everything.

Alexa: My name is Alexa, and I am Kai/Mara, the Changeling Rouge!

Ash: Ashley, here! I play Rhakna, the Paladin. She’s a half-orc, a devout follower of Bahamut, and even a third thing!

TGL: What inspired you to create The Dice Girls?

Alexa: The Dice Girls was created because Ashley and Becca wanted to play D&D, but also wanted to create a podcast. They needed more people, and Becca had known my mom and me for a while, and thought we’d be a great fit.

TGL: Since you began this project, what has been your most cherished memory and why?

Bex: This is so hard because there are so many memories that I’m just madly in love with! I think the one moment that bowled me over the most was in Episode 16. During their battle with Sadie, Ashley decided to have Rhakna cast Divine Sense, which I was not expecting AT ALL. It wound up revealing some pretty important information that I didn’t think would come out for a long time, AND it set the stage for another reveal that is going to happen later that I can’t wait for!

Kim: My most cherished memory so far was recording a scene where our half-orc, Rhakna, was getting
ready for a date. It was such fun, and we just put all seriousness aside and went with it.

Alexa: So far, my most cherished memory has been hearing the ways The Dice Girls has affected people in their real lives. We’ve seen people making connections and strengthening relationships through our podcast. It’s been crazy!

Ash: I will forever cherish the memory of Alexa laughing so hard that she spit water all over Kim during our very first recording session. It was hilarious, it was GLORIOUS, and it was totally NOT embarrassing for anyone involved. So, they obviously won’t mind me telling everyone about it any chance I get. Watching the residual spray glisten in the sunlight as it softly rained down on my co-host was the moment I knew we had something magical.

TGL: What was one aspect of your content creation that you loved, but was not as well received by fans as you thought it’d be?

Bex: I think the thing we tried that flopped the hardest was our live chats. When I was looking at other actual play Patreons for inspiration, monthly live chats with the creators seemed to be somewhat common. We decided to add it onto one of our higher Patreon tiers, not actually expecting to have to deal with it for a while…and then, sure enough, that very first month we had a single patron at that tier; so before we even had really gotten our feet wet, we were trying to coordinate a half-hour live video chat…with one person. All four of us were SO AWKWARD, but our patron was (and still is!) such a lovely person who has become our biggest supporter and a great friend. Needless to say, though, that particular feature was only a thing once.

TGL: If you could give one piece of advice to content creators who are just starting out, what would it be?

Kim: The advice that I would give to content creators is, don’t wait until you think something is perfect to
put it out there. If you’re not looking back at the first stuff you created and cringing a little, then you
waited too long.

Bex: My advice is really similar to Kim’s: Just do the thing. There’s no better way to learn how to be better at something than to actually do it, and even if you decide not to put your content out to the public until it’s something you’re happier with, there are just some lessons that are impossible to learn until you’ve already started along the path towards creating something.

Alexa: I’d advise for new content creators to persevere. You never know what could happen if you stick with it!

Ash: Someone out there will love what you’re doing. Odds are, it will be several someones. We are some of the doofiest dorks on the planet, and there are times where we are really laying ourselves out there in a way that makes me cringe… Yet somehow, people are still listening. Make the thing you want to make.

TGL: What exciting projects do you have coming up or are already doing that you think folks would enjoy the most?

Kim: We’ve got a lot going on right now! Our upcoming projects include taking part in a collaborative one-shot with Critical Bits, learning how to play Call of Cthulu for a western-themed one-shot with The Lovelycraftians Podcasts, our special April Fool’s Day one-shot we’ve got planned, and we’re in the beginning stages of developing a fun line of merchandise, which we’re all really excited about!

TGL: What was one aspect of the content creating process that you never in a million years would have ever considered?

Bex: Making music! When we started, I was all ready to use one of those services that lets you search through royalty-free music to use, and somewhere along the way I stumbled onto a website that is sort of like Garage Band for your browser. I had never made music before, but I started playing around with the website and was instantly hooked. Now, every time I finish something, I listen to it and think, “What? I can’t believe I made something that sounds vaguely like real music. What sorcery is this?”

Kim: One aspect of content creating that I never in a million years would have considered is that we would have such a wonderful response from listeners. We imagined maybe friends and family listening to the show, but to find out that we have actual fans is mind blowing.

Alexa: It may sound weird, but I never considered that people would listen to us! Every day we grow, and every day it continues to baffle me!

Ash: Naming our podcast The Dice Girls. I mean, really? In all seriousness, I was shocked by our instant chemistry. I’m about as shy and awkward as they come, and I had only just met Kim and Alexa for the first time when we sat down to make our characters. I think we’re all cut from the same weird cloth, and it felt like we all picked up on that within minutes.

TGL: How can folks best support you and your brand?

Ash: There are a lot of ways to support us! Spreading the word is one of the best ways you can do it. Tell your friends! Tell your family! Teach your dad both what a podcast is and what D&D is simultaneously like I had to do!! (Good luck with that last one.)

If you want us to see you showering us with praise, tag us on social media! One or more of us will probably squeal with glee, and we love engaging with all of you. (Twitter’s the best place for that for sure.)

If you feel like throwing money at us, we have a lot of different avenues. I highly recommend our Patreon, because it’s packed with bonus content, and you have access to ALL OF IT at the $1 tier. If that’s not your thing, there’s always Ko-fi, Paypal, and even our fancy new Eel-Mail feature! It’s basically a message you can send to someone publicly through our show; one of us will read it during the mid-roll, and you have the option of choosing which of us relays it if you want!

All of these things, including links to our social media, can be found easily via our website: www.thedicegirlspodcast.com!

DeAngelo Murillo aka Darth Mexican loves trying to help the community in any way he can. Marching for Black Lives Matter, attending rallies for LGBTQ rights, protesting what he feels hurts the common folk, and more! DeAngelo won't stop until the world is a better place!

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