West World Is Amazing, You Need To Watch It


West World Is Amazing, You Need To Watch It

I’m certain you’ve heard the name of ‘West World‘ in some way recently. For those unfamiliar with the title, it’s a new show on HBO that focuses on a near future where amusement parks have been expanded and improved to immerse players in the wild west to live out their fantasies. The non players are androids built specifically to ensure the players can do whatever they wish, even be killed if the player decides so. Then at night they are repaired and returned to the world with a memory wipe of all the past events.

The main plot of West World is that a new code has been implemented to the androids to bring out some more realistic behaviors. Unfortunately, this causes some androids to recall past memories and even trigger existential crisis. With the flood of emotions some androids act out and are brought in for repair. Despite their best efforts, it still seems as though the bug is spreading to other androids which could lead to player’s coming to harm.

There are three main point of views: The androids, the new players, and the manufacturer. This allows the viewer to get inside information into the story with these three unique perspectives. I should mention that there are a few sub plots but my favorite is one that focuses on this hardcore, devil of a veteran player who is in search of an end game who murders all who stand in his path  for answers to this secret content. While a majority of viewers might focus on a possible android take over, I am curious to see what the actual end game content has to offer that would cause a player to travel to the ends of the amusement park and murder so many.

The actors in West World are prominent, it’s almost surprising that they would even take up this show seeing as some of their careers are already established and well off. Nevertheless, the main character, Dolores, is played by Evan Rachel Wood, the dashing hero android is played by James Marsden, the owner and creator of the park is Anthony Hopkins, and our protagonist from the new players is Jimmi Simpson! Their acting ability is brought out in droves in this show and hints at such deeper emotions coming forth in the near future.

The action is bloody, grotesque, and realistic despite only androids being injured. The players can harm the androids but when the androids fire, it only comes out as an air soft gun. That isn’t the only weapon players can wield however, various characters are knifed or beat with blunt objectives, even scalped. The androids are so well done that the viewer, at least I, often forgets that they are but machines and feel sorry for the pain them endure with the players or staff.


I highly recommend watching West World as soon as possible! Even the first episode is so good that it could be it’s own self contained story. If you enjoy the production value of Game of Thrones but need a more realistic show that you can relate to, West World is the show for you! It’s available on HBO and HBO Go! Warning though, it will make you dive into all sorts of Wild West content, I didn’t care at all about cowboys but after three episodes of West World I binged Django Unchained, Hell on Wheels, and am dying to see Hateful 8! Also I find myself playing McCree in Overwatch way more!


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Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: http://thegeeklyfe.com | info@thegeeklyfe.com | http://twitch.tv/the_geek_lyfe

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