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What is the best gaming console to buy in 2019?

We are steadily heading into a time when the current gaming consoles would be termed obsolete. These current consoles have a lot to offer and how would be a great time to grab one. As each year passes, more games are added to libraries, prices increase but with these current sets of consoles, we see affordable prices which makes having one now crucial and worth every penny you would spend. 

Deciding which gaming console to buy, should be chosen after a read on https://www.bestreviews.guide/ which provides a listing of the pros and cons of users and coming up with one particular console which has stood out from the rest. Nevertheless, there are other consoles which are also a great investment for you. We would begin our the list with the best which is the PlayStation 4 Pro then we would move to the Xbox One X, which seemingly takes the cake in hardware but cannot be compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of high-fidelity games and a large number of exclusives.

Now, going with the Sony PlayStation isn’t to say the others aren’t good. They are but from the following reason which is stated below, the PlayStation tops the list for us but feel free to buy any of the others as long as they meet your needs. 

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

This has been called by gamers and users as the best version of PlayStation 4 released by Sony. This is in addition to the high number of exclusives it comes with and also high-fidelity games. The console is designed for everyone. There should be no fear that only tech-savvy or serious gamers can use this console. Anyone can. The reason why this is the top choice for the best console to buy in 2019 is it has the best plug-and-play gaming platform, access to PlayStation 4’s exclusive library, 4K, HDR 10 compatibility which makes this the best version of the popular gaming platform. Picking PlayStation 4 also opens the door for you to pick up PlayStation VR, which is the most affordable premium VR headset available. 

 When it comes to exclusive games, other consoles come second to the PlayStation 4 Pro. Yes, there might be similarities in libraries between the Xbox and PlayStation but Sony’s platform has some niche titles. PlayStation goes further to add more exclusive content and titles each year. This is where they surpass other consoles. This is the reason why PS4 Pro is our top pick for the best console. It also makes the games look as spectacular as possible. Other consoles might seem to beat the PS4 Pro when it comes to a technicality but for exclusive games, they aren’t close.

The only challenge most users will face with the PS4 Pro is taking advantage of the advanced features. Such features are HDR support. That been said the console gives major improvement to some unoptimized games that make this console a must-have. These factors plus a 4K Blu-ray Player, HDR, offering access to great new games and high-resolution videos add up to make this the best console to buy.

Xbox One X 1TB

This is good to console for users who want to watch their movies and play their games with the high possible image quality there is. Xbox offers 4K HDR to its users. It is also one of the most prevailing consoles. The price of the Xbox goes as high as $420. Microsoft set the bar when it comes to hardware with the Xbox One X. They offered us 4K Blu-ray and HDR video, a visual enhancement to games amongst a host of other features. They said’ Xbox One X is the most powerful home gaming console ever made and sold’. To a large extent, they weren’t exaggerating. The downside is there is no VR. They made up for this with the extra horsepower the console has which is channeled towards visibly enhancing the visuals of the games played. This is undoubtedly the must-have console for those who want superior and complete gaming experience even on the go.


Nintendo Switch

If what you want is a combination of home gaming console and also on the go then the Nintendo Switch is the best gaming console for you. What we see here is a combination of systems that makes for a delightful gaming experience. It doesn’t measure up to the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X in terms of graphics or power but it is a delight on its own. The Nintendo Switch has a 6.2 inch, with a 1280×720 screen. It offers great 3D features that drive home the point that this is a powerful gaming handheld console. This is where the strength of this console lies. You can easily slip it into your backpack or your pocket and you are on your way. The handheld also comes with a power button mounted on the top, USB Type c-charging mounted at the bottom, up and down volume buttons, a headphone port, a game cart port, brace for speakers, microSD card slot, a kickstand, microSDXC, and microSDHC support.

Previously gaming consoles were used strictly for playing games but later years other uses for gaming consoles were built in. you can play DVDs. watch movies or even listen to music. Either way, the most popular use of consoles is for playing games. With the invent of high-definition games, consoles have the capacity to bring them to life on our screens. The current direction now is Virtual Reality. Not all consoles will offer this but some like the PS 4 Pro do. This gives users and gamers the ability to step into a whole new world of gaming. 

No longer are players restricted to just games but the possibilities are opened for more. These gaming consoles are relatively affordable as they range from a little over $300 for the Nintendo Switch to over $400 for the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X. Choose the best console which meets your needs, ours is the PS4 Pro.

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