Why Newer Phones Can No Longer Detect Hidden Cameras

The idea of being spied on is terrifying. Over the last few years, the number of people investing in spy equipment is on the rise, and hidden cameras are one of the most popular products in the industry. Believe it or not, hotels all around the globe have been using hidden cameras to spy on their guests, along with vacation rentals. A crime gang in South Korea was caught recording and streaming live videos from hidden cameras that were stored in over 1,600 motel bedrooms throughout Seoul. Several employers use hidden cameras to keep track of their employees every move. 

Technology is constantly improving, and those who manufacture spy equipment are able to embed tiny cameras into everyday items so they are disguised as normal household objects such as alarm clocks, mirrors, smoke alarms, etc. Trying to spot these minute devices with your eyes is almost impossible. 

The Problem With Hidden Camera Detector Apps

There are several hidden camera detector apps readily available for the latest iOS and Android devices. These apps are extremely popular, but many believe that they are not effective. 

Most of these apps use the smart device’s torch, which allows the user to check for a reflection. However, you won’t be able to see the reflection unless you get really close to each device in the room. Unfortunately, the chance of finding hidden cameras using these types of apps is highly unlikely. 

There are other apps available that will allow you to detect the RF (radio frequency) broadcast of a camera. If the app detects a signal from a camera in the room, it is supposed to notify you, but many users found these apps unreliable. If the camera isn’t omitting any signal, there is no chance that you will be able to find the hidden device. 

A lot of these hidden detector apps are free to download, but most of them seem to be filled with advertisements. 

If My Phone Can’t Detect Hidden Cameras, Are There Any Other Alternatives?

Because hidden cameras are growing in popularity, there are plenty of modern detector tools on the market that are far more effective than smart devices. You can find a small pocket sized detector that will help you search for hidden cameras. These easy-to-use camera detectors are becoming more popular by the day. Some of these detectors have a viewfinder, which helps the user spot a camera lens inside a room. Some camera detectors will emit a flash, allowing you to pinpoint any cameras within the room. 

Most of these devices are rechargeable, and you can recharge them using a USB cable. Most have a quality built-in battery, so you don’t have to worry about it running out of juice shortly after turning it on. These tiny devices are so small, you should have no problems finding a place to store them, which makes them an ideal travel accessory. 

What are the Laws Surrounding Hidden Cameras?

There is nothing illegal about buying a hidden camera, which is why there are so many hidden cameras on the market. Installing these spy gadgets is so easy, that even those who struggle to operate modern devices should have no problems setting them up. Although it is completely against the law to install these cameras in rooms such as bedrooms, toilets, dressing rooms, etc. this doesn’t stop people from doing so. 

Most homeowners take security seriously to protect their homes and the people living under their roofs. In most states throughout America, investing and installing hidden cameras throughout your own home is completely above board, even if you don’t get consent from the person you are recording. But you cannot hide a camera in somebody else’s home or their place of work, even if you employ the person to mind your child while you are away. If you find any spy equipment throughout your house, contact the local authorities immediately. 


Smart devices have come a long way, but that doesn’t mean they can do everything. Don’t be fooled by the apps available on various online marketplaces. App developers have been able to make some incredible apps, but very few of them work when looking for hidden devices, so don’t be fooled by the app description. Just because the app detector didn’t find a hidden camera inside a room, doesn’t mean that there aren’t any. 

If you think you are being spied on, and you don’t have a reliable hidden camera detector device, scan the room yourself. Check inside smoke detectors, teddy bears, wall sockets, holes in the doors, and even plants to see if you can find anything suspicious. However, if you can’t find anything, it might be worth your while paying a private investigator to check for spy equipment. Although these professionals are known to charge a lot of money for their services, it might prove to be a worthwhile investment.

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