WonderCon 2018 Blows Away Expectations Once Again!

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Hey you guys, Tidesiren here! Deegan Marie, Cheshsmiles, and I got to attend WonderCon and I wanted to give my thoughts on the experience.

WonderCon has been a successful member of the Comic Con event family for years and it only keeps growing in both size and attendance. Taking over the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California, this convention stretched far and wide, filling all five available halls. There were places for the vendors, artists, guests, cosplay meetups, and so much more! There is no doubt that if you were interested in any sort of geeky aspect, they had an area for you.

Being the sister convention of San Diego Comic Con, it is not hard to imagine that it would be immensely popular. Thankfully, it still allows for personal space despite consuming the convention center’s various halls. In a few years it will more than likely hit a point where they have to either limit ticket sales or re-locate to a larger venue.

Staff at the Anaheim Convention Center were all both helpful as well as kind, showing the professionalism you would expect from the sister of San Diego Comic Con! With such knowledgeable personnel, I’ve never had a problem with attending any events at the Anaheim Convention Center. Still stern and keeping safety a priority, the crew here contributed to an enjoyable time with assisting in everything needed from where to go for badge pickup to checking weapons and props promptly at the entrance. The organization here is almost flawless and their years of experience is undeniable.

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Cheshsmiles, Heartless Aquarius, and Deegan Marie looking badass in their RWBY cosplays!

While I was provided a badge by The Geek Lyfe, normal attendees paid $75 for a full weekend pass. This price point was absolutely fair for the quality attendees received. Kids under 12 got in free with a paid adult, and there’s also a special Junior price point for ages 13-17. These options give families a great way to get the younger generations of geeks into the convention without breaking the bank!

Food trucks lining the main street to the convention center were both affordable and gave variety to those in line for some grub, and with lunch tables down the middle of the isle, it was easy to get a meal in before getting back to the show.

Inside, Halls A through D were occupied with artists traveling from all over to showcase their work as well as vendor booths selling their geek merch. With sponsors like AMC, DC Comics, NBC, SYFY, and Warner Brothers, Wonder Con had a little bit of everything for fans of any genre.

Southern California conventions always have a rich abundance of cosplayers and a huge variety of amazing costumes to see! Being one of the top five conventions to attend in the US, WonderCon 2018 cosplayers brought their A-game. There were the familiar faces of local talents like Maid of Might, Jimmy Sherfy, Andrew Clemmons, not to mention Arizona cosplayers Muncho Mania, Sara Moni, Game2Hype, Pretend Princess, Alina Masquarade and so many more! This WonderCon was a huge gathering of friends!

Not to mention our homie Pretend Princess got to interview GHawk50! We have another great interview coming out soon!

WonderCon 2018 was filled with firsts for so many and I am so happy to have been able to have seen everyone there!

Overall, I had a full WonderCon 2018 experience. From being interviewed and Instagram posted by DC Comics to meeting and bringing more friends into the cosplay and comic con community, personally this has had to be one of the most fun conventions I have had the pleasure of attending.

We also have to give the biggest shout out and praise to Toyota for supplying Deegan Marie and Cheshsmiles with a rad Rav4 Adventure! They loved that vehicle and you can check out their article for more info!

I only see WonderCon getting bigger and bigger. With great staff and content, it’s hard to justify not attending! You can bet I’ll be there in 2019, and if you’re a fan of all or anything nerdy, you should plan on coming too! You won’t be disappointed!

These photos were brought to you by Deegan Marie Photography, Cheshsmiles, and Tidesiren!


Tidesiren is a fantastic cosplayer based in Colorado. She has an absolute love for all things geeky, gaming, and food! When she isn’t being a super dope cosplayer, she can usually be found running off on adventures that would give others heart attacks! In the year of 2017 she covered nine conventions both national and international for us! We’re so grateful to have her on our team to cover conventions!

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