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WoW Classic – Mythic Wrathion Guide

Playing the classic rendition of World of Warcraft isn’t all about hunting down WoW Classic Gold and grinding for endless hours. There has to be something to show for your hard work, and there are plenty of challenges that await you. One such challenge is taking on Wrathion, the Black Emperor. To enhance said challenge, here is a short guide on how to beat the first boss of Mythic Ny’alotha. 

Differences in Mythic Wrathion

When comparing the Mythic Wrathion to other versions, there are a few differences. For example, the first phase sees Creeping Madness being applied to players, which stacks Slow when you are under the effect of it. In Mythic, this will last until the second phase has begun, or until the player has succumbed and died. What makes this especially challenging is that it will decrease your movement dramatically, making this a particularly difficult encounter. 

As for when you reach phase 2, there is Burning Madness to look out for, which is increased if you run over Crackling Shards. If you run over them, they will lose the debuff, but you still need to kill the shards. 

Mythic Wrathion First Phase

Taking a look at the first phase of the fight, you should try and fight him at the top of the room and have him surrounded by the raid to the sides, since your movement will be more restricted here. You need to make sure you are one step ahead when it comes to moving around the arena, since Wrathion can use Burning Cataclysm to teleport to different spots. If you want to keep an eye on where the boss is moving, it tends to move from the east wall to the west wall, then north to south, so look closely at what part of the room you are in. 

Random players are targeted with Incineration, so whoever is hit with it should move away from the rest of the raid to reduce the damage as much as possible. 

Second Phase

Moving onto the next phase, head towards the middle of the room to take care of the Ashwalker Assassins, who are the servants of the Black Emperor. Make sure that you are also killing off the Crackling Shards, especially if they are in clusters in the room. If you can navigate the Ashwalker Assassins with Hardened Cores then do so, as it will give dps characters a clearer shot at applying as much damage to them as possible. 


For general tips, you should try using abilities such as Tiger’s Lust or Hand of Freedom, as this can help with the effect of Slow from Creeping Madness. There is a probable chance that you are going to die to Creeping Madness in the first phase, but by doing so you will notice that the effects will then disappear, so you don’t have to worry about being plague with such slow movement anymore. 

There is going to be a lot of damage output from the boss, so you want to be able to kill him as quickly as possible. This is to help out any healer characters that may begin to struggle helping out if the fight drags on for too long. If you are a healer, then there isn’t too much to worry about in the first phase. There will be two instances in which Incineration is used, which is usually after around 30 seconds then again at around 1:45 into the battle. This is the only real attack that can deal significant damage at this stage, so pay attention at these times. 

 If you are a Tank player, then keep in mind that when Wrathion does move around with Burning Cataclysm, so after it has been cast try to keep the boss in a position where you won’t need to move around as much, as the effects from the fight can potentially limit how much you can move. Sometimes you will need to let the boss come to you, rather than advancing on it yourself. 

If you are looking to take a break from grinding, searching for WoW Classic items and more, then Mythic Wrathion can certainly provide you with a new challenge. The tips shown above should see you on your way to overcoming a tough boss fight. 

Have you tried this method? Let us know in the comments section below!

DeAngelo Murillo aka Darth Mexican loves trying to help the community in any way he can. Marching for Black Lives Matter, attending rallies for LGBTQ rights, protesting what he feels hurts the common folk, and more! DeAngelo won't stop until the world is a better place!

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